The Beijinger – January/February 2017: Explore Beijing With Four Old China Hands

We decided to do things a little bit differently this issue, and were honored to get to know some old China hands: foreigners who have lived in Beijing for longer than most of us expats have been alive. Wanting to know what we had missed, we delved into their time in Beijing and China, to understand why they came here and just how much our city has changed. 

Once you’ve soaked up a Beijing passed, read about some of the people shaping the city into what it is today. We spoke to Krish Raghav of Split Works about the musical road that led him to work as media coordinator for the China-based gig promoter, as well as Mark Bayles of Open Doors, an LGBT meetup group taking the focus away from dating apps and the bar scene.

As always, flip to our food and drink section to read about our metropolis’ newest dining and boozing establishments. However, if you’re looking to start the year in a less gluttonous manner, skip the feast and get a start on your New Year’s resolutions with our feature on the city’s newest gyms – we made sure to collect only those which inspire more than the usual treadmill-packed fitness centers in order to keep you motivated for as long as possible. 

Finally, in preparation for Spring Festival, which falls a little earlier this year starting on January 27, read about the history of temple fairs, the home to some of the most contentious Chinese New Year’s events in the city.

We hope you have a great Spring Festival and enjoy the January/February issue of the Beijinger, which you can read here via Issuu, via the PDF here, or in hard copy at all of your favorite venues across town.

Image: the Beijinger