All You Can Drink at the Tsingtao Beer Palace

Way back in those pre-Olympic, pre-Financial Crisis days of summer, we wrote about the newly opened Solana Mall and what we considered its main attraction, the Tsingtao Beer Palace. Well, we're glad to announced that the Beijinger has teamed up with the Beer Palace and we're organized a tour of the establishment in late November. Paticipants will be able to sample freshly brewed Tsingtao draught, take part in a blind taste test to see if you can distinguish bottled beer from the draught and drink all the home-made beer you want.

Nov 22 Tsingtao Brewery Tour & Tasting
Limited to 220 people, e-mail Joe at to reserve your place. RMB 70, RMB 50 (advance).
7-10pm. Tsingtao Beer Palace (905 6018/19)

Links and Sources
The Beijinger: Tsingtao Brewery Tour & Tasting
The Beijinger: Solana's Tsingtao Beer Palace


Seriously, "home-made beer" has to be a misprint, right?

the beer is made fresh on the premises (aka it's not the bottled qingdao you get in bars)

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Still home made denotes it was made in a home, its a commercial brewery like any other.

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