Stop Press: Japanese Women Marrying Chinese Men!!

It’s always entertaining reading China’s state-owned newspapers, especially when they find a story that mixes latent local resentments and with puffed up national pride. People’s Daily, for example, recently carried a brilliantly incisive piece of journalism entitled: “Japanese girls want to marry Chinese.”

Anyone who has live in China knows there is no love lost between locals and their friends across the water, so it’s with veritable glee that the People’s Daily reports Chinese men are scoring with Japanese ladies. In fact there is apparently a new saying among Japanese women; "What we want is Chinese food and men, not French lovers or American houses." The article helpfully explains, “This means Japanese girls have lost their interest in French and American men.”

Running with the food theme, the article continues: “Japanese girls are changing their appetites,” because, “Japanese men compared to Chinese men are generally less capable when it comes to being both a considerate family man and a breadwinner.”

Chinese food? Appetites? Breadwinner? It seems it’s all about food for Chinese girls.

And the basis of all this gloating? According to the article, there was a staggering increase of 30 percent in the number of Japanese girls marrying Chinese men last year, which is “the highest in history.” Perhaps Japanese girls have heard about the astounding levels of sexual satisfaction in China that we reported on a few months ago.

The People’s Daily's celebratory tone is undermined somewhat by the fact that this amazing increase brought the total number of marriages between Chinese men and Japanese women to… wait for it… 1,500. Given Japan has a population of around 128 million, it’ll be a while before this “trend” starts having a major impact on the Japanese population.

Still, that’s didn’t stop the People’s Daily from rubbing Japan’s face in it. The article concludes with this highly objective assessment: “Today's Japanese men feel much more inferior compared with men from China because they found what they are lacking is not little.”

It all comes down to size in the end.


Jesus, now we need to keep an eye on Japanese women as well?

lol .. now that is comedy..!!

he's a real no where man.!

its funny how they read.

u m8 say that I'm a dreamer,but I'm not the only 1.

this article helps us to learn that America is a country full of haunted houses...

Some 2007 Japanese gov't statistics

japanese men marrying chinese women: 11,926
japanese women marrying chinese men:

i'll let you fill in your own punchline

With journalism that good, who needs talk show hosts to make cracks?

I also like how it's such a matter of pride that Japan's WOMEN are marrying chinese men. Why aren't they proud that Japan's MEN are marrying chinese girls?

"Japanese men realize that Chinese women are much more delicate and beautiful and can cook what everyone knows is the most delicious food in the world. It's no wonder Japanese women are so resentful of China's superior sense of beauty and fashion."

Sometimes I feel it is maybe unbearable always be traditional Chinese girl.

wefrucar wrote:

I also like how it's such a matter of pride that Japan's WOMEN are marrying chinese men. Why aren't they proud that Japan's MEN are marrying chinese girls?

Of course, it's because it's Chinese men who need their egos assuaged.

I suspect most Chinese women didn't find the article very interesting, nor would they even if it focused on Japanese men marrying Chinese women. Meanwhile, I can imagine lots of Chinese men high-fiving each other while waving the article around at the KTV brothel.

WARNING: China Foreign Teachers' Union (CFTU) is a scam run by a convicted felon. UPDATE: He's now calling it China Teacher's Alliance. Still a scam.

you need to consider the differences of the population between the two countries

i am a chinese , and i really shame of our media, state-owned means party owned.

"Why aren't they proud that Japan's MEN are marrying chinese girls? "

i think, the reason is that our society dominated by male chauvinism. and some man believe women are thire property.

be happy

It is really simply China also have a population ratio issue. Just add this in and things become a little more logical.

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