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Recently the Beijinger was contacted by a Canadian woman looking for her niece who was last heard from in July while in Beijing. Carla Rosa was, and may still be, in Beijing and possibly working as an English teacher. If you have any information regarding her whereabouts please email

Here is a full description provided by the woman’s aunt:

Name: Carla Dalila Rosa
Place of birth: Azores, Portugal
Canada home address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 5.2"
Weight: about 105 - 110 lbs
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: long, dark brown


There's a happy ending, Carla's been found. In fact, she was never really that missing. Aunts, eh? Who'd have them?

Anyway, if you need to find someone who's gone missing then we're happy to help. Except if it's a primate on the loose in Shunyi. We're not getting involved in anything like that.

Jonathan White, Managing Editor the Beijinger/

Posts asking for help in finding Carla Rosa have been up for a while. In November it was on Lonely Planet, this time by a man claiming to be her friend.

Several people replied to that ad with suggestions apropo to helping find her, but the original poster never replied. None of the comments particularly needed a reply, so maybe it means nothing.

I just want to ask if the editors have good reason to believe this aunt is real. Is there a possibility that Carla Rosa is hiding rather than lost? I've checked, and her name is not on the Vancouver, British Columbia missing persons list. Her name is nowhere on the Canadian embassy website for Beijing or for Hanoi, where she was last seen. I've also checked several Portugese missing persons sites, and can't find any mention of her.

Dear Mr. White,
Many thanks for finding our niece,Carla. We are extremely happy and relieved she's well; this gives us peace of mind as she is always in our thoughts. Her friends and family had tried to contact her for many months but had no success. To us she was missing.
I will remove the two postings from the Beijinger immediately.
Thank you again for all your efforts,
Carla's Family.

I am the man who posted the ad on LP in November. I am a very close friend of Carla's and was worried after not having heard from her for 5 months (and that was as of Nov 11). The reason I didn't respond to postings on LP is b/c I had no idea anybody had even responded. This is because the LP posting forum apparently does not see fit to copy the original poster on replies and after having checked the board several times for the few weeks after making the posting, it seemed no one even noticed it there or had any informaiton, so I had not checked it in a while.
That's fine to say that "Carla was never missing" but to her family back in Canada who have not heard from her in 7 months she was as good as missing. We're all extremely relieved to hear that someone has been in contact with her, but what would be really nice is for someone who can actually get in touch w/ her directly to tell her to contact her Aunt Lila ASAP. Whoever might have checked for a missing persons file from Vancouver perhaps checked before the file was opened (it was opended by me in the 2nd week of January, around the 10th or so) or it's just as likely that the Van PD didn't have the information in a place where it could be easily accessed.
Anyway, we're very happy that Carla is "found" but we still need to hear from her because until we do, any reports of Carla's whereabouts don't amount to much more than online gossip and we've been worried sick about her for months. Please tell her to contact us - she knows who we are and she knows how to get in touch with us.

Hi, Gerald,

Try contacting Jonathan White directly; you can send him a private message on this site. Perhaps he can give you a bit of background regarding his post above saying that Carla's been "found".

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Interesting. I also came to China to escape an overbearing family. Glad to see I'm not alone.

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