US Starlet Prefers "Sexy" Beijing Losers Instead of "Over-Liberated" Western Men in Viral Video

Are you a Beijing loser with no sense of fashion? Do you have trouble finding a date who accepts you in all your flaws? Cheer up, because you are exactly the type of person preferred by a rising American starlet as seen in a video that has gone viral in China.

US singer and actress "Annie" admits her preference for a rugged Beijing man who is unapologetic about his looks in an interview with iFeng Video:

I have a peculiar preference, I like traditional Beijing men. I especially like this type. They have a bald head ... you know what I mean? Old Beijing ... tall and sturdy, they're dressed in shorts that go down to here (gestures mid-thigh) during the summer, they're wearing a wife-beater [spoken with a Beijing erhua accent], slippers, out walking their dog with a cigarette hanging from the side of their mouths, just walking ... that type. [Laughs] I have always felt that [sighs] ... so sexy, so sexy.

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After revealing that her friend doesn't understand her preferences, Annie explains her motives like this:

That is to say, this [Beijing guy] is thinking that "this is my space," or that "this is my family," or that "this is my wife;" this is who I am, and you can't take that away from me. You know what I mean? Sorry. [The guy is saying] "I could be skinnier, I could be stronger, but it doesn't matter. This is me, and you can't take that away. He'll stand there with all his faults ... this kind of man I find to be very attractive. [Laughs]  

Annie stresses that this kind of man is very 屌 diǎo, a reference to China's diaosi culture. At the same time, using this phrase in this way is awkward and uncommon for women since it also refers to male genitalia.

Annie, who is exclusively known in China as Tang Bohu (唐伯虎 Táng Bóhǔ, same as the famous artisan), explained she prefers Chinese men over Western men because they are not so open:

Chinese men are all very good. I especially like that type of man that has a particular way of treating women. [This man] is not like Westerners, who are too open and forward. Sometimes, Westerners are especially frank. They put everyone out into the open after which they have nothing left to the imagination. Right from the start, ai, "I like you, come have a drink with me." [Laughs] What I like about Chinese people is that they allow nature to take its course. 

Annie's remarks have inflamed the Chinese Internet, spreading so fast that the forwarded video contains no mention of her name. Instead, Chinese netizens have focused upon her preference for Chinese men as well as her fluent Mandarin.

"Her Mandarin is better than the Mandarin I have learned in 20 years," complimented one person.

Another person was confused and asked, "Is she a Eurasian, or a foreigner?" while another said highly, "She is a foreigner with a Chinese face."

Some of the comments had an awkward tone to them, suggesting them to be back-handed compliments. One person wrote, "You're alright, you have thoroughly learned the meaning of the word diaosi," while another "praised" her by saying, "Diao is a hard word to understand for foreigners as well to use properly."

Sadly, very few Chinese netizens realized that Annie is a big star in China who got her big break in 2013 on the CCTV talent competition Star Avenue.

Annie is an accomplished singer and songwriter; she co-wrote the song "浓 nóng" (music video here) which she would have been seen singing had it not been cut from the beginning of the viral video. In fact, Annie's talents have led her to star in the lead role of a Chinese TV show called Shanghai Dreams in addition to other Chinese films like The Final Battle (shown above). 

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But despite all this, even as her video about Beijing diaosi goes viral, Chinese netizens remain largely unaware that Annie is trying to promote herself in China. Instead, she may be known as that girl with a preference for diao.

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