R While You Were Sleeping: June's New Bar and Restaurant Openings
Summer in the city is always a whirlwind, with people in and out of town, and restaurants and bars coming and going.
Beijing is Worst-Ranked on a List of Gay-Friendly Cities
Beijing is at risk of losing its standing as a world-class, cosmopolitan city with the news that it came dead last in a survey of international ci
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It’s steaming hot outside, and if you're not sweating like a pig then you are the chosen one, and I envy you.
Noise Pollution: Glow Curve, Tang Huabin, Foster Parents, Eric Allen, The White Tulips, Boss Cuts
I’ve yet to put on my A/C. Not sure if it’s stubbornness, laziness, or plain ol' hoboness.
An Authentic Taste of Naples at Guomao Italian Restaurant Radici
There is no greater pleasure than discovering a great restaurant when you least expect it.
Xinhua Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong Reunification with Yet Another Rap Cartoon
Twenty years after the reunification of Hong Kong, the "One Country, Two Systems" concept is...
R Mac N' Cheese, Paninis, Smoothies and Other Home Style Goodies On Hand at New Xing Fuyi Cun Café Constellation
UPDATE: Constellation has recently decided to focus on evening crowds, opening its doors late for pre and post bar crowds, as opposed to i...
R TV Tuesday: How "Bojack Horseman" Became a Voice For A Generation of Disenfranchised Chinese
As a zero-sum society where everything must be fought and contested over, China is an exhausting place to live.
Mandarin Month: How to Order a Refreshing, Cold Beer in Chinese (and Other Beer-Related Phrases)
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” These wise words were spoken by the esteemed Benjamin Franklin, one of the leaders of