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Refreshing Cocktails and Creative Pizzas on Offer at New Shuangjing Joint 789
Though the signage of Shuangjing's Tianzhi Jiaozi strip is still in the midst of an extensive (and quite strange)...
New Brewpub Yun Brew with 21 Draught Beers and Addictive Popcorn Chicken at Xiaoyun Lu
We first noticed Yun Brew while walking to ...
DP What’s Up in Beer: A Summer Beer Break with New Brews, New Imports, and Shanghai Beer Fest
Clearly the rain doesn’t help with cooling things down.
Beijing Beats: Club Paradise, Carl Nunes, The M'zyk Band, and Ludo V., Nassdak and Bobby
Beijing Beats brings you the best in Beijing nightlife each weekend.
Beersmith Gastropub, The CBD’s Biggest, Newest (and Only) Brewpub
Located on the first floor of the so-new-the-paint-is-still-wet Hotel Jen,
Get Ready to Gānbēi! Third Annual World Baijiu Day, Aug 9
The perfect occasion to raise a glass and toast China's most famous spirit is nearly upon us.
R White Hot American Ambient Pop Group Cigarettes After Sex To Light Up Yugong Yishan for Your Pleasure, Aug. 20
Since 2015, Texan ambient pop quartet Cigarettes After Sex have been steadily building an enthused following with a string of singles that are hyp
DP Forty+ Taphouse with 40+ Draught Beers Might Have The Best Imports Selection at Chaoyangmen
Softly opening at the end of May and tucked away on the first floor at the east side of Chaowa
Beijing Beats: Jimpster, Lantern's birthday and Syndicate sessions
Beijing Beats brings you the best in Beijing nightlife each weekend.
DP Joli's Just Might Be Your New Hutong White Wine Haven
The atmosphere at Joli's is as refreshing as the glassfuls of crisp white wine
"I’m never going to f*ck off, you’re stuck with me forever.” A Talk with Former Oasis Frontman Liam Gallagher Ahead of Aug. 10 Beijing Gig
When asked about his upcoming solo album earlier this year, Liam Gallagher made headlines – as the controversial former Oasis front man is wont to
R Motorcycles and Cocktails Collide at Quirky Garage Neighboring Bar Mokihi 1%ers
If you were to guess the drink of choice for any road weary characters from Easy Rider or Sons of Anarchy, fancy cocktails might
R Check Out These Five T-Pain Songs That Even the Music Snobs Will Enjoy, Ahead of His July 21 Beijing Gig
He makes purists instantly turn up their noses, provides snobs with endless fodder, and he even prompted his genre's most famous figure to cast sh
R Playlist: Yue Space's Shao Qiang and Susan Wang Share Their Eclectic Favorites
Although numerous Beijing livehouses have struggled – and all too frequently failed – to stay open in recent years, Yue Space has made a noble eff