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R The Best Beijing Bars for Visitors and Tourists
Beijing’s bar scene has exploded over the past decade, with something to satisfy everything from sophisticated oenophiles to obsessive hopheads.
R Aotu Studio Aims to Reopen in August; Hosts Demolition Themed Performance Art In the Interim
While brick laying and demolition have laid waste to many a hutong institution...
What’s Up in Beer: Puppy Pub Crawl, Great Leap, Jing-A and Slow Boat’s New Brew, Legend Beer Second Location, Beer Run and Burger Cup
The heat is definitely here, threatening to reach an outrageous 36 degrees Celsius this weekend, so we'd advise you to gulp down some ice cold bee
DP Old Fashioned Brings Aged Whiskey and Timeless Vibes to Sanlitun Soho
If its name doesn’t get the point across, its atmosphere certainly will – upon entry, you’ll be struck by Old Fashioned’s stark and simple, yet en
Beijing Beats: Afrojack, Afterjourney and Boom, DJ Dio
Beijing Beats brings you the best in Beijing nightlife each weekend so that you can soothe the woes of a long a stressful week with some out-o
The View From Q Bar: Sanlitun South Stalwart Gets a Beautifully Revamped Rooftop, Slings Mouthwatering Margaritas
Known as one of the first cocktail bars to hit it big in Beijing outside of hotel venues, Sanlitun South's oft-overlooked ...
Blazing Buns: Baozza Begins Residency at Gulu Bazz With Flambé Dessert Bao and More
“I guarantee we’re the only place that flambé bao,” Alex Cree quips gleefully as his fellow mad scientist Badr Benjelloun sets a row of d
Former Supermodel and Acclaimed Miami Bartender Micaela Piccolo to Guest at Janes and Hooch, May 14
She's modeled for Levi's and Vogue magazine, mixed tempting enough drinks to make a rising bar scene star in both Miami and New York, and
R What’s Up in Beer: Slow Boat Closing Party, Great LeapxMikkeller Special Bottle, Jing-A 8x8 Project, NBeer New Beer, and Shanghai Beermanza
Even though the air is promising to be fresh (bar a sandstorm or two) ahead of the...
DP Salsa Extravaganza! Pachakutiq Puts on Fantastic Latin Dance Parties Every Friday with Seasoned Salsa Singer Gilberto Romero
For many Beijingers – be them local or foreign – salsa dancing can be a great and novel way to pass the days' more romantic hours.
R Citywide Bar and Restaurant Raids Apparently Set for This Weekend (May 12-13) Ahead of One Belt, One Road Summit
A raid at the popular bar Heaven Supermarket in Sanlitun last night (May 1
R Rich Kids’ Neverland, Serving Palatable Cocktails
Opened last month, Neverland is the newest kid on the block in Sanlitun’s ever-so-bu
R Cut a Rug, Take a Magic Carpet Ride with Acid Arab's Middle Eastern Inflected Techno at Dada, May 12
Even if you can't imagine dancing to traditional Middle Eastern and North African rhythms, Acid Arab will make you wriggle and writhe like a charm