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Beijing's Most Interesting Themed Bars
Beijing is blessed with a fast-moving and pretty diverse bar scene, but one that is nevertheless still dominated by craft breweries and upscale co
DP Join the Drinking Buddies Beer Club, Get Selected Imported Craft Beers Delivered Monthly to Your House
Being a craft beer addict is both a blessing and a curse; the industry is absolutely burgeoning, including in China, and there are a bazillion bre
High Town Brewpub Adds Australian Beef Streak to the Menu, As Well As Salsa Party, and DJ Night
With the benchmark of what makes a good brewpub continuously on the rise, Nali Patio's H
R Hotshot London Bartender Marian Beke to Guest at Atmosphere June 27-July 1
Having only been open a short two years, Marian Beke's The Gibson bar has already shaken up London's vibrant nightlife scene, becoming a hotly pop
Pairing Burgers with Craft Beer at Your Favorite Beijing Brewpubs
The 2017 Beijinger Burger Cup may be officially over, with ...
A Drink With James McGregor, American Writer and China Expert Talks Scotch
A Drink With is a regular column in which we ask amazing Beijing personali
R Yu Shi Quietly Uncorks Unpretentious Wines in the CBD
Every wine cellar has one – that young, yet to be appreciated bottle full of light, vibrant flavor that’s tempting and accessible for those of us
Watch Movie Stars Under the Stars at 京城46号
If you’re a barfly and a film buff, then we have just the new spot for you.
R Low Key Bar and Cafe Common Room Takes Over Ron Mexico's Old Yongkang Hutong Digs, Sets Opening Party for Friday (June 16)
As the owners of Yongkang Hutong newbie Common Room prepare for their Friday June
R 30 Beers On Tap, New Beer Taphouse TransMountain Opens at Zuojiazhuang
Beijing's newest taphouse, Transmountain, located in Zuojiazhuang, is an ambitious project, boasting 30 tap stocked with local and imported brews
Friendly Vibes and Cheap, No Frills Cocktails Abound At Xinzhong Jie's Social Circle
Social Circle’s name really does say it all – this is a friendly, fun, and relax
Hear the “Hushed and Hymnal” Songs of Rising British Troubadour Benjamin Francis Leftwich at Mao Live, June 16
There’s gently soothing music, and then there’s the songs of the UK's Benjamin Francis Leftwich.