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South African born artist The Dean Kriel
For an artist, finding an outlet for your work can be a challenge in any city, and Beijing is no except
A Drink With: Amy Daml Founding Member and Contributor to China Art Aggregator Website Loreli
We recently caught up with Amy Daml, co-creator of the art aggregator website Loreli (WeChat ID: loreli
DP The Best Spring Date Ideas in Beijing
It’s getting warmer, and love is in the air.
R The British Museum Brings A History of The World in 100 Objects at National Museum Until May 31
History and art enthusiasts, brace yourself, because this spring is going to be lively.
Art Reverts to Type at Aotu Studio With Chris Warren's 'RSI'
Contemporary artists use many unusual materials to produce their work, from...
126 Treasures From The Louvre Museum on Exhibit at National Museum of China Until March 31
Not everyone has the time to fly over and queue up at the world-renowned Louvre Museum in Paris.
Architects Turn Literal Hole-In-The-Wall Building Into Beijing's Trendiest New Movie Studio
The brick wall was busted open, but that gaping hole was by no means a flaw.
R Art Weekly: Do We Refuse to Be What We Are?
As Albert Camus said, “Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is.” In this week's ...
DP Art weekly: “Bu Di 2016”, “Clue”, “On Reading and Writing”, “Facing the Wild Future” and ‘Before the Beginning and after the End II’
Of artists, Freud once said, “for these people, meaning does not matter.
Detail from A Garden of Dreams by Yu Hong
I was engaged in the sort of hard-hitting investigative journalism for which the Beijinger is famous – OK, I was skimming China Daily
Art Weekly: Sound Installations versus Visual Art, Conceptual versus Psychological
Until the Glasgow-born artist Susan Philipsz won the...
Music to a Design Geek's Ears: The Eyepopping Design of Beijing's Forthcoming China Philharmonic Hall
Anyone that's said classical music is stiff, stuffy and inaccessible, has not seen the design for Beijing's China Philharmonic Hall.
Art Weekly: “Inheritances”, “Primary Color”, “Quartet”, and “A Nomadic Life- Francesco Clemente in China”
According to the German philosopher Ernst Cassirer, human beings are "symbolic animals"