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Beware of the Water Pig: President Trump’s Chinese Horoscope
Today is the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, and people from all across the world will be watching anxiou
Temple Fairs: A Beijing Spring Festival Survival Guide
It’s almost Lunar New Year, and many of you are clearing out for warmer and, dare we say it, more salubrious latitudes.
DP Usher in the Year of the Cock: Beijing's 2017 Chinese New Year Parties, Dinners, and Promotions
Not going anywhere for the turn of the lunar new year?
Fast Food Watch: Chicken and Shrimp Burgers from McDonald's, Just in Time for the (Chinese) Holidays
I can see the television commercials now: the young man walking through the snow with a heavy bag over his shoulder.
China Announces 2017 Official Holiday Calendar
China's State Council has announced its official 2017 holiday calend
Plan Ahead: China Railway Shortens the Presale Period from 60 to 30 Days
It’s almost that time of the year again: the annual migration of a billion of people rushing around, trying to get home for Spring Festival. If yo
Uber Records 1000% Increase in Overseas Trips in 2016 Chinese New Year Break
Uber China’s...
Monkeying Around: Your Spring Festival in Pictures
The gunpowder has settled, the ringing has left our ears, and we've just about shaken the headache, but yet we're nostalgic for the festivities al
Beijing Travel Revenue Rises Incrementally during Spring Festival
Spring Festival travelers spent more – but not a whole lot more
Beijing Goes Back to Work Sunday, but It's Still Saturday Night
So Sunday is one of our working weekends for 2016,
Friday is Beijing's Last Day for Temple Fairs, to Buy Fireworks
Friday is the last big day of Spring Festival celebrations, at least as far as Beijing is concerned, so get out there and temple fair and firework
What to Do Monday Now That the Super Bowl's Over
In a chronological twist of fate, the world's two most watched television programs -- China Central Television's annual Spring Festival Gala and t
Sales of Fireworks Down to Their Lowest Level in Years
There's a lot of shopping going on ahead of Sunday night's Spring Festival celebrations, but one traditional item is proving less popular this yea