Female English Teacher Experienced with Kids Needed in Sino Education


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Hi there,
We are Sino Education, accredited by the Chinese Education Ministry, which is the leading one on one language teaching school in Beijing. We are looking for additional full time and part time British/American accent English teachers.
2nd Floor, Block C, Five Black Buildings, Xicheng District, Beijing
At the exit E of Chegongzhuang Station of Line2/6, Turn right and you will get to the corner, turn right again and now you are on Chegongzhuang Street, go straight along the street, you will pass a bridge, SPD Bank…Then you will be at the intersection (where the traffic signal light is), Cross the road and turn right, go pass the China Construction Bank, you will see one black building, Sino Education is on the second floor of the building. It will probably take you 7 or 8 minutes.
We will schedule a meeting ASAP. Thank you very much.
Linkman: Cordelia   
Tel: 15810108131   
E-mail: sinowjcordelia@163.com   
Company url: www.sinowaijiao.com