Account Executive (Sales)

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The Account Executive is responsible for maximizing revenue within the defined territory by meeting and exceeding their monthly, quarterly and annual quotas. This role entails new account development, expanding existing accounts, and maintaining close relationships with key contacts. Account Executives are expected to be fully bilingual in Chinese and English.

□ Plan and execute customer meetings and help them create an advertising program that aligns with their market objective. This includes educating customers on True Run Media’s distinct brands, their demographics, and their value.
□ Identify and meet clients; and develop a solid marketing and advertising solution for clients by identifying client needs.
□ Achieve monthly, quarterly and annual sales target and quotas within a given expense allowance.
□ Develop and cultivate deep relationships at all levels with agencies and clients, and maintain updated information in the company’s CRM system or the current database format in use.
□ Develop and report monthly, quarterly, and annually sales forecast within the deadline set by Sales Manger.
□ Provide a weekly sales report to Sales Manager in the required format as requested.
□ Prospecting for new customers and business in addition to growing and maintaining the existing customers.
□ Work with marketing to find venues and sponsors for company events.
□ Attend all company events, as well as external events, and represent True Run Media in a professional and engaging way.
□ Develop a weekly sales forecast and report on progress to established goals in the weekly sales meeting.
□ Ensure all sales documentation are prepared accurately and follows TRM policy and procedures in a timely manner.
□ Mentor the Junior Account Executive by taking them out to meet clients on a weekly basis.

客户主任负责在指定的领域内最大限度的完成或超越既定的月度、季度和年度定额任务。其中包括发展新客户、扩展现有客户、维护重点关系客户等。 客户主任岗位人员要求熟练掌握中文及英文。

□ 计划并完成客户拜访,帮助客户建立一套与其市场目标一致的广告方案。其中包含向客户宣导True Run Media 的独特品牌效应、受众层次和媒体价值。
□ 确定并满足客户,依据客户需求提供一套牢固的市场和广告解决方案。
□ 在既定的花费预算内完成月度、季度、年度收益目标和任务。
□ 与各种机构和客户发展并建立深厚的关系,维护更新公司CRM系统内的所有信息或者当前正在使用的信息格式。
□ 在销售经理设定的截至日期前建立并汇报周度、季度、年度销售预测。
□ 按照规定格式提供周度销售报告给销售经理
□ 维护现有客户的同时寻找并挖掘新客户和新的业务发展方向。
□ 联合市场部门在公司举办活动时寻找合适的场地和供应商。
□ 参加公司内部或外部活动时代表True Run Media公司展现其特有的专业性和品牌魅力
□ 制定每周的销售预测,并在周度销售部门会议上进行进度报告。
□ 确保所有销售文档资料的准备及时而准确,并符合TRM公司政策和流程要求
□ 指导并带领客户代表至少每周出去约见一次客户

- Good communication skills
- Ease of communication in both English and Chinese
--Responsible and self-motivating.