Culture/language exchange/children care/interpretation or translation/housework in exchange of cheap rent in Gulou area(二环)

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Hey guys,
I'm doing a full time job at Gulou, so I'm looking for an apartment near this area to share. Because of my low budget(about1500-2000rmb/mon), I would like to offer you after school children care, oral Chinese teaching, housework, free translation or interpretation or culture exchange in exchange of cheap rent in Gulou area or whithin 3kms.
I am 25yrs old and just got back from Australia in May. I love traveling and making friends, with excellent English skills. I have been working as an interpreter, an English teacher and bilingual script supervisor. I love cooking, so we can share cooking recipies. Right now my working schedule mostly is to start at 8am to 5pm. Sometimes is from 12am till 10pm. Have weekend or weekends off every week.
-One single bedroom. With my own bathroom would be super.
-Don't mind you are a native English Family, or Chinese family, or single/couple foreigners, as long as you are lookimg for a funny, open–minded and nice roomie.
Please don't hisitate to contact me. We can meet to discuss more details if you would like. Cheers.

Wechat, 152-0141-9311