[CLOSED] 2 Kolegas 两个好朋友


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"Dos Kolegas," "Two Kolegas," "Two Good Friends" or "liangge hao pengyou"? No matter what you call it, this tiny bar lies deep in the heart of a drive-in complex and could be likened to your best friend's party basement - the friend whose parents were so cool that you could go over anytime, hang out, drink, smoke and play music for as long as you damn well pleased. And while your friend's parents probably kept their place cleaner and didn't heat the place with stinky coal, their yard probably wasn't as big. And there's no way that your friend had access to yangrou chuan'r like these or could lure so many bands - from jazz to experimental - to play most nights of the week.


Liangma Qiao / Lufthansa Center Area
21 Liangmaqiao Lu (inside the drive-in movie theater park)
Chaoyang District
Daily 8pm-2am
6436 8998
Cash only


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check out whats being played

Joined: Nov 27, 2013
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These guys organise some good music. But the whole thing is it should match with what you have interests in .

It could be either very good when it matches what you want to listen or it can frustrate you , if what you like is not getting played.

Drinks and food and waiters are okay. Its the music which is important to me if I go here.

Well-organised Beijing festival shocker

Joined: Oct 02, 2009
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Alright, this might be a little biased since it was the first time I've been there and it was their eighth anniversary mini festival, but... free entry, free beer, free roast lamb, good bands (although we were outside for most of it). That's a good start, but on top of that they actually managed to organise it well enough that getting food and drinks (whether free or paid for) never took too long, the toilets weren't awful, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. After experiencing Beijing's larger festivals with their 100 yuan+ entrance fees and two-hour queues for water, that's some feat. The fact that it's located within the fourth ring road, and yet somehow you still get to walk through a forest on the way in, is an extra bonus.

Festival aside, drinks selection seems decent and reasonably priced. Can't report on the normal food as we managed to stuff ourselves with the lamb, which was excellent- but then, it's probably hard to go wrong with sticking a whole lamb in a fire and then eating it.

Check it out

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Claiming themselves as "Beijing's Hottest Dive Bar & Live Music Venue", 2 Kolegas doesn't disappoint. With pool tables in the garden, bar service inside and out, and a stage occupied by anything new and interesting, you're in for a perfect and completely enjoyable night.