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For lovers of retro/vintage computer and console games this video gaming bar is perfect for nostalgia.


Gulou / Beiluoguxiang / Jiugulou Dajie
13 Beiluogu Xiang
Dongcheng District
Tue-Fri 5pm-12am, Sat-Sun 3pm-2am
134 8878 3848
All chinese and foreign credit cards


User reviews of 8-Bit

nice place, weird prices

Joined: Jun 27, 2013
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Review of 8-Bit

finally made it to the new 8 bits and i gotta admit it's a great location! upstairs is cozy despite some lighting issues and a nice rooftop. The drinks, however, are overpriced. at 50 rmb for a Gin and Tonic that has a tiny bit of gin.. for that price, at least make it a proper pour.

The other cocktails are not much better, fairly watered down or sour. I guess i'll stick to beer!

Definite Improvements Except Lighting

Joined: Jan 26, 2014
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Review of 8-Bit

The new 8-Bit is definitely an improvement in terms of size and space, but what would really improve it is less of those glaring lights early on in the night. The neon red/blue lighting upstairs is a little bit distressing and makes for a really busy environment even when the bar is empty or early on in the night.

Fair prices, good environment, great games and a Meh! service...

Joined: Jun 27, 2014
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Review of 8-Bit

Fair prices, awesome feel & looks and of course, great games to play. A not so good reception and service as we were told (not even a minute after entering) that each of us must buy one beer each if we wanted to play together. Haven't this happened? Maybe we would go way beyond the two beers (as I did many times before), but just didn't feel right as our bottles came to an end and we decide that a third beer would be too much too spend in the night. Would they kick us out if we're not consuming while playing the game, well.. maybe?

I just guess that's how the business is and I'm sure I'll be back, for the games and place, but if people ask me in the near future? Best service so far?.. I will have to reply: no.

I will totally update this post in case I have a more positive experience next time.