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This sleek lending library and bookshop has the best selection of English language books and magazines in town and is often cheaper than Amazon et al. The bibliophile manager arranges a fabulous lecture series that features both local and international authors. Other draw cards include the rooftop terrace, comfy couches and a kitchen that serves European fare. Quiz night every Monday at 7.30pm.


Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu
Chaoyang District
50-80 per person
Daily 9am-2am
6586 9507
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards


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horrible event management

Joined: Jun 14, 2009
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Review of The Bookworm

This was my first time here, and what a terrible experience! I went for speaking event. I knew I'd never make it on time in rush hour, but it didn't look like broad enough interest to get overbooked.

Boy, was i wrong! I was greeted by the manager and a hostile waitress, who looked ready for a fight and immediately informed me they were oversold. They were both very condescending, as though I were stupid for not knowing what a popular establishment this was. I asked if there was a way to book reservations in the future. The waitress, sighing in clear annoyance that I was still there and that she had to answer this question - AGAIN - curtly informs me that tickets can be purchased in store in advance.

This was news to me, since there was nothing on the website about that, or the possibility that things might get oversold. If it's clearly such a common issue, why not just put it online, instead of treating patrons like idiots for not being familiar with your business?

With nothing else to do but wait for rush hour pass, I stayed for dinner - 50 kuai for the smallest burger in Beijing! Afterwards, I couldn't find any staff the take my bill, and had to go to the bar. It was passed from person to person, each yelling at the last to give me change, until finally landed at the rude manager, who took it without looking up, and continued what she was doing until i decided it just wasn't worth it and left.

wow. i mean, just wow. If i never go back here, it will be too soon.

If you just want to read, it's OK

Joined: Feb 05, 2009
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Review of The Bookworm

But if you want to do something else, like eat, drink or have anything to do with the staff, you'd be better off going somewhere else.

I go to a happy hour here once a month, where cheap drinks make it worthwhile. But otherwise, the service is ferociously consistent in its incompetence and mild hostility. The last time I was there I even detected a scolding tone - which I found refreshing, yet still unwelcome over lunch.

Terrible service

Joined: Aug 23, 2011
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Review of The Bookworm

I have been here twice.

The first time they forgot to bring me my drink, and brought me the wrong dessert.

The second time they undercooked my food, and served my dessert before my main course.

So the service isn't great...

The food is nice, although it is expensive.

I probably won't come here a third time.

EDIT: So I decided to come here a third time. I have been trying to get the waiting staff to serve me for one hour but they refuse. They are playing with their phones and every time I get their attention they just look at me (with a snarl) and go back to playing with their phones. Yet they are willing to serve the Chinese customers. This place desperately needs a manager. WTF.