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Cuju mastermind, Badr Benjelloun is at it again with his new restaurant Caravan. Situated in the old digs of Casa Brasil, across from the Brazilian embassy, he will be serving up a wicked rotating menu of Moroccan-inspired eats for dinner (RMB 150 for a three course meal) and a set business lunch during the day.


Ritan Park and Yabao Lu
44 Guanghua Lu
Chaoyang District

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very nice place

Joined: Nov 15, 2008
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Review of Caravan

Just watched the World Series there, very much enjoyed the time there,, food is very good, atmosphere is great and the staff is the best I have experienced in Beijing..... Greatly recommended....

The only real couscous in Beijing

Joined: Mar 31, 2016
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Review of Caravan

Thank god for Caravan.

Beijing was sorely lacking a real couscous place until they came around! I wish they did it more often than once a week as it is hard for most of us to make it to their location for Friday lunch but if it is the only option we have, then we're more than happy to do it when possible! At 80 kuai all you can eat, it's a big deal.

The tagines, kebabs, olives and other dishes are all pretty good but the couscous is amazing!

amazing service and value

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Review of Caravan

In a city where service seems to take a backseat whenever possible, it's refreshing to have a place like this where we can have some unique food and amazing service. I have a few vegetarian friends who appreciate their ever changin selection of veggie/vegan dishes but last week, they took it to another lever.

An friend turned up unannouced to our birthday dinner party which Badr had agreed to cater way ahead of time. This person has an onion allergy which is just unsual and as far as i understand, most of the dishes at caravan have onions. Without missing a beat, Badr went into the kitchen and whipped out an onion free 3 course meal for our friend. He didn't have to as the meal had been booked ahead of time and he already dealt with various nut and glutten intolerances. I wish more places could provide that level of service, really.

Thanks to Badr and the caravan team for helping save the night.

The only true North African restaurant in Beijing

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Review of Caravan

I'm amazed that with a city the size of Beijing, there aren't many more Moroccan or Maghreb restaurants town. Maybe they're not needed judging by the quality of the food that caravan offers. Cuju, by the same owner, offers Moroccan food as well but that's more snacks and easy stuff. Highly recommended for lamb, lemon chicken tagine, barba and the burger. I haven't had bad food there yet. My only complaint is that it tends to get hot inside sometimes, which is what happened this past saturday.


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Review of Caravan

Without sounding too much like a fanboy, I love what Badr does with his places. I'm not sure i would consider Caravan a restaurant as much as a bar because i tend to go there for well mixed drinks at affordable prices and for the non-smoking policy. It's pretty much the only place in town i know off where we can enjoy some live music without feeling like chocking. The all day happy hour is another winner that i'm looking forward to taking advantage off soon. As far as the food goes, skip the burger and go for the lamb or the lemon chicken tagine. Ace.