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Dongjiao Market 东郊市场

This integrative wholesale market is a favorite among locals. Most restaurants nearby and many from a distance get their ingredients and condiments here. Everything a Chinese meal needs is here – from tofu, vegetables, and seafood, to frozen dumplings, all of which are fresh daily. Don’t like the price? Roll up your sleeves and haggle among the more than 15 stalls for each kind of item. Foods and cooking ingredients are only a subset of this enormous market’s many splendors. It also sells everything you would find at a huge department store like Walmart in addition to flowers, trees, birds, and much more.

This incredible market is a maze of shops and stalls with wonderfully inexpensive treasures. Dongjiao redefines "one-stop-shopping," selling everything from hammers to dishes to fire extinguishers. A favorite of the locals, the shopping experience here is hectic but exciting, and with such low prices it's hard not to walk away with a little something...or a lot.


Xi Dawang Lu and Soho Xiandaicheng
西大望路 现代城
Xidawang Lu (south of Soho New Town)
Chaoyang District
Daily 8am-5pm
6774 7864
Cash only


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User reviews of Dongjiao Market 东郊市场

Come here while you can, this market will soon be closing down.

Reviewed by AlbertHo on Wed, 08/21/2013 - 14:57
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Review of Dongjiao Market

Dongjiao will be closing in two months. By far the closest large sell-it-all market to the CBD, the land values became too high to justify such a grimy, rinky-dink market existing. Beijing will soon have another block of concrete and glass replacing a center of rough-and-rumble traditional life.

While most of the clothing stores have been disassembled, there are still places selling everything from pottery to kitchen goods to groceries. While groceries aren't that inexpensive, the meats can be had for less than at the big department stores. Pork is of acceptable quality, but the same can't be said for beef.

Anyways, come here while you can, if you want to see where the actual Chinese person shops.

Dirty but....

Reviewed by mdinnes on Sat, 07/17/2010 - 09:28
Joined: May 07, 2009
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Review of Dongjiao Market

If you are in the area, Dongjiao is a fantastic place to shop. You can find ANYTHING there, you just have to be willing to look for it. Things that you can find include clothes, electronics, birds and fish, wall hangings, incense, tea, any thing needed for a kitchen, tailors (decent quality, 150 RMB for pants, 400 for a suit), cheese, spices, sewing needles and thread, popcorn seeds and salmon just to name a few.

My wife and I do most of our shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables there as well as meat. We have also found good quality beef there that they will grind up for you. The prices are cheaper then both the small vegetable shops and carrefour, and we have never had a problem with quality with the meat or vegetables. One caveat is that if you want to buy your meat, go in the morning when it is freshly butchered, as if you go in the afternoon, it has been sitting in the air all day with out refrigeration.

The other poster is correct about it being dirty. Very Dirty. The main street through is always full of litter, and the buildings are not much cleaner. However, if you have a couple hours to spend, and you live close by, it is worth putting up with the uncleaness of it to get fresh food cheap.

A very, very local, old-school shopping experience

Reviewed by Jerry on Tue, 04/27/2010 - 09:20
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Review of Dongjiao Market

I agree with the poster below - this place has its assets and if you dig hard enough, you can find some things for very cheap. Scallops and certain seafood items here are a steal, if you trust the hygienic conditions. Kitchenware is also a good bargain - I bought a very nice Western-style chef's knife at the kitchenware wholesaler located next to the main meat and vegetable market building for a mere RMB 10.

Fruits and veggies selection is pretty decent - it's all relatively fresh, BUT

it all comes with a big caveat:

This place is pretty damn filthy. I'm fully aware that there are far filthier places in Beijing and all over China, but given its central CBD location and the amenities that have now sprung up around it, one should expect better conditions of cleanliness.

Of course this brings to light a whole host of food safety issues etc., which I can only speculate about, but suffice it to say I rarely shop here because of its general dinginess.

I think for non-perishable items and fruits and veggies (if you ignore all the scary news about pesticides etc.), it's okay, but I would definitely think twice about buying meat and yes, even those delicious looking scallops, here - especially as the weather warms up.

As for the rest of the market - there are small electronics, electric bikes and other knick-knacks for sale, but it's all pretty crappy and unless you're a real kitsch hound, I wouldn't bother.

A taxi driver just told us the other day the place is slated for demolition any way, it's going to be replaced by a park.

teeny tiny tacky market

Reviewed by catch23 on Tue, 04/27/2010 - 00:37
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Review of Dongjiao Market

A typical local market where mainly locals would go. But still, it's a good idea to get yourself some nice tea if you live close by, cause there are lots of nice tea shops. The price is NEGOTIABLE and the quality is actually good. Anyway you can just get in one shop and try some their tea. And as a golden rule here, you better prepare to kill the price if you do look very much exotic.