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A good selection of beer and affordable wine in a slick modern space with an upstairs mezzanine level. The food menu includes huge hoagies, burgers and other North American classics.


Shuangjing / Dongsihuan
Unit 3-02, Bldg 2, Tianzhi Jiaozi, 31 Guangqu Lu (northeast corner of Shuangjing Qiao)
Chaoyang District
50-80 per person
Daily 10am-2am
8775 1847
Cash only


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Great prices and excellent beer selection

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Review of Grinders

Went to Grinders last night with a few friends and I was very pleased overall. The prices are excellent; I imagine their menu shows what prices in Beijing used to be like back in 2007. The food is fine; nothing special but certainly not bad for the price. The service in regards to drinks and hailing a waiter was on point, but the food was a bit slow coming out (one dish at a time, with at least 5 minutes in between each one).

One place Grinders really stood out was the beer selection. They have a great list of bottled beer available for fair prices, in addition to Jing A flying fist on tap. If I lived in Shuangjing, I could imagine frequenting this place. As it stands now, I will still be back to try and put a bigger dent in their beer menu.

Went there once, wanted to go back ever since!

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Review of Grinders

Prices are more than ok, great hangout spot, and nice loft area for those who just wanna relax and chill with friends.

It's like the kind of hangout and chill bar most expats want on a weeknight or a long weekend where they are fine to just relax and don't need loud music, big lights, and stripping male dancers...
This place is nothing like is relaxed and away from the clubs and dancehalls...where you can just grab a beer and simply chat with friends!

Never go there again.

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Review of Grinders

I was not a regular but sometimes, once a 2 weeks or so went there and quite enjoyed staying there but since that day, I decided not to go there again.
On that day, I came over there quite late and I was the last one staying there. When I just ordered the second beer, one western guy -probably the owner or someone - came up and said to the girl in the bar in English something like "When will this guy finish this beer?" Just in front of me.
I look Asian. The guy thought I don't understand English but although not too fluent, I do understand what he said.
This pissed me off a lot, rather I would say racism.
I drank the beer up quickly and left the bar.

Shuangjing Barscene

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Review of Grinders

Grinders is a bit like the Cheers of Shuangjing (with some dogs)

People are friendly enough and the table layout and upstairs means you can have some privacy if needed,

Sandwiches are good enough to satisfy the hunger inside you especially after a workout

Toilets could be better , but now im picking

All in all i give it a 4