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Jing-A Brewing Co. opened their first venue, which features a minimal and brick space, a decent range of beers, and bar food such as grilled cheese and Andy's Craft Sausages to complement their nectar.


Building B, 1949 The Hidden City, Courtyard 4, Gongti Bei Lu
Chaoyang District
Monday-Thursday 5pm-1am; Friday 5pm-2am; Saturday 11am-2am; Sunday 11am-1am

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Review of Jing-A Taproom

We were there with a few friends over the weekend for some casual drinks. The beer is decent, no questions but for the few people that do not feel like it, it would help to have a few options that do not cost an arm and a leg. I'm sure rent is high in that corner of sanlitun but 60 bucks for a tiny pour of red wine that had turned is highway robbery.

Yes, i'm companing about non-beer options in a beer place but i feel it is part of the service. If you're hell bent on customers only drinking beer, then just keep it that way. Don't make a joke out of it.

Went for what I was told would be a great brunch....NOT!!

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Review of Jing-A Taproom

The atmosphere is undoubtedly cool with the brick interior, the unique lighting and a huge bar but that's about all this place had going for it in my estimation. Went for Sunday brunch with my best friend and as we do every Sunday, we decided to try something different. A friend had told us about Jing A and told us it had an excellent brunch. I don't know what she got but not one thing that I tried was any good. Though decently priced at 98RMB per person, the first two dishes that I wanted were sold out....at noon. The mushrooms were undercooked, the fritatta was OLD, crusty and tasteless, the olive paste was oversalted, there was too much lemon in the hollandaise sauce and there was a hair in the spinich! In addition, the coffee was so strong that you could almost stand a spoon up in it, and their supposedly "fresh" juice.... I could have bought at Jenny Lou's, it came to my table in the bottle! I was NOT impressed.Needless to say, I'm not going back there again.

decent grub, beer & shitty service

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Review of Jing-A Taproom

I can put up with expensive over priced food and drinks knowing the rent levels in Beijing. However, shitty service at those prices is a big no! I'll give props to jing A for unique beers and a well priced brunch, probably one of my favorites in the city.

However, at those prices, i expect service and staff that is busy serving customers as opposed to checking their wechat all the time. It took 15mn to get a glass of water on a warm day when they were not busy at all. Another 40mn to get our brunch, the laoban eggs. It doesn't take 40mn to make an omelette.

A good bar that's really starting to be undermined by its staff (or lack of)

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Review of Jing-A Taproom

Really like the beers here and the food is not bad, although maybe a little expensive for bar food. I won't really complain about the prices here as I expect the location is very pricey for rents.

Jing A are doing a lot of things right, but their staff are really starting to be a reason to not go there for me. Really, it seems to be a problem of lack of staff more than what the staff who are there do or don't do. It's nearly impossible to get served in there nowadays when it is busy. I don't actually know what the owners in here look like as I've never seen them surveying what's going on at the bar, as you would expect from owners/bar managers elsewhere. It just seems to be a few young barmen and waitresses rushed off their feet trying to cope with too many customers.

Are the cleaning staff non-existent as well? I tried to go in there for Sunday brunch and realised how filthy the place is looking in the day time, even a few flies buzzing around the sticky tables. I know what bars look like the morning after a Sunday, having worked in one, but if you're going to open for brunch at least clean the place properly and have staff on hand, ready and organised, to take people's orders. Having waited an inordinate amount of time to get a menu, then a server to return to my table to take the order, I left and coincidentally the German couple next to me had the same idea at the same time. If the management were watching the amount of money they're missing out on due to walkouts like this that I see whenever I am there, they'd probably be freaking out.

Slow service, but an A for food and beers

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Review of Jing-A Taproom

Came here to grab some beers with a couple visting friends last weekend.
Food was better than last time I visited. I had the beef sliders and some sweet potato fries. To drink I got a hoppy Flying Fist IPA and my friends tried the beer cocktails. The margarita with IPA is damn strong,but I prefer my beer unadulterated.. Anyway, we were were all pretty happy with what we had and now with the outdoor space, it's likely to become my spots to hang this summer. Only issue was it was hard to flag down a server when sitting outdoors. Maybe they're afraid of the sun?