Peter's Tex-Mex Grill 彼德西餐厅


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Texas-sized portions at this long running Lone Star State-inspired restaurant originally founded by a splinter group from Grandma's Kitchen. Enjoy serviceable burritos, fajitas and burgers and wash it all down with a frozen margarita. The original St. Regis branch is now closed but the Lido branch soliders on. Voted "Outstanding Mexican" in the Beijinger's 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards.


Chaoyang District
50-80 per person
Daily 8.30am-11pm
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards

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User reviews of Peter's Tex-Mex Grill 彼德西餐厅

Going downhill

Joined: Aug 10, 2005
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Peter's has long been a favorite haunt of mine, as I've said in previous reviews. Unfortunately, in the last few visits, the quality of food and service has started to deteriorate. The last good experience I had there was when I ordered my Thanksgiving dinner. It was amazing. Recently I went for breakfast, though, and it was like a completely different restaurant. When I arrived, an hour after they opened, they were still sweeping the floor and doing tasks that usually get done before opening. I requested coffee and it was at least 10 minutes before I received it, which is not normal.

I decided to eat biscuits and gravy, which was a staple food for me growing up. When I bit into the biscuit, I almost spat it out. It was NOT a biscuit at all. It had sugar in it, and it was almost a yeast bread rather than the flaky biscuits all southerners know.

My friend ordered fresh apple juice, and what they brought her was not apple juice, but more like pear. It always took a long time to get anyone's attention, as it seemed the wait staff were trying to look anywhere other than the customers.

I was chatting with friends this weekend who live near Peter's and used to eat there all the time, and they said they have also noticed that the quality control has changed in the last few months. I don't know what it is, but something needs to change back to how it was in the fall so Peter's can get back to its normal standards!

Easily overlooked

Joined: Mar 22, 2010
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I agree with the previous reviewer who wrote that Pete's "seems better than I remember it from the last visit." I don't go often but everytime I do I wonder why I don't eat here more frequently. It's not authentic Mexican -- it's Tex Mex -- and the dishes are heavy on cheese, sour cream, meat, and other unhealthy ingredient. but sometimes that's exactly what I want. They also have great desserts, including pies, but with the portion sizes being so huge, it's easy to fill up before dessert is even an option. They also do a decent burger and a pretty good salad. The service is not great, but decent enough.

Lido Peter's Tex-Mex is very good

Joined: Apr 02, 2010
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This place always seems better than I remember it from the last visit. Tex-Mex dishes are pretty close to authentic (and I visit Texas frequently). The deserts are also quite good and they are generous with salsa and sour cream sides. Service is excellent and dishes are tasty.

The burger is - surprisingly - probably the best in Beijing (I'm not kidding - try it). It's also comfortably casual and the prices are not excessive. What more could you ask for?

Oh, one warning - don't get the fried potato skins. They're very greasy and too crisp. One of our Chinese friends thought she would be cool and looked that up as a recommended popular dish on a local message board but then nobody could eat it when it arrived!

Tex_Mex Love

Joined: Aug 10, 2005
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Peter's Tex-Mex is a restaurant I've frequented ever since they opened the Jianguomen location back in 2005. It's always been difficult to find Tex-Mex anywhere close to what I would get in my home state, but Peter's gets pretty darn close, especially with their salsa.
My current favorite dish is the Carne Asada. I've had it prepared both ways, with the steak separate or the steak wrapped up in the enchilada, and I have to say I prefer it together. When I got the steak separate, they didn't cook it to the right temperature, but when it's together, it's always cooked correctly.
Their desserts aren't Tex-Mex, but they are definitely Tex. The caramel pecan cheesecake is one of the best desserts they have. And their peanut butter chocolate milk shake? Yum!

Awesome Mac and Cheese Weak Guacomole

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Easily the best Mac and cheese I have had in Beijing
BUT I paid 49 yuan for chips and guacomole I couldn't believe it when the order arrived to my flat They gave me just barely a half cup of guacomole
I don't mind spending money on western food in Beijing The products are more expensive and these places need to make a profit But 49 yuan for what I received was a slap in the face With all these Mexican places opening recently in Beijing Soon they're gonna be a dime a dozen
For Peters Tex Mex I guess if I am really craving mac and cheese and Kraft Dinner won't hit the spot I will happily pay 59 yuan cause it was that good but that's it I will be sticking with Lucky Lopez for my Mexican food and trying new places that are opening