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This cozy Gongti-area Thai restaurant (and progenitor of the Purple Haze Bistro) boasts books, coffee, WiFi, and some of the tastiest Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine in town - i.e. papaya salad, Tom Yam Kung and a selection of curries - as well as a nice selection of cocktails and beers. Good for a lazy afternoon or the start to a rowdy night on the town. Available for private parties and events. Voted "Best Thai" in the Beijinger's 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards.

In 2017 the venue rebranded itself from the longtime name of Purple Haze to Purple Isle. Part of that revamp included input from up-and-coming mixologist Lin Bai, who added twenty odd fantastic and affordable cocktails to the menu. Among the best: the Fu Thai (RMB 50; made with gin, craft lemongrass lychee syrup; fresh lime juice and mint); the Monkey King (also RMB 50 and comprised of silver rum, peach fennel infused syrup, lemon juice and basil); the Final (RMB 60; featuring bourbon, sweet vermouth, clove, grapefruit and orange bitters, and cointreau triple sec orange-flavoured liqueur) and the Mojito George (RMB 40, named after Bai's friend who steadfastly orders mojitos wherever he goes, and made with silver rum, lime juice, a simple syrup and mint; priced at RMB 45).


Opposite the north gate of the Workers' Stadium (in the small alley behind the ICBC Bank)
Chaoyang District
50-80 per person
Daily 11am-11.30pm
6413 0899, 8774 6387
All chinese and foreign credit cards


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User reviews of Purple Isle Restaurant and Bar

Just OK, nothing more

Joined: Apr 24, 2017
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Food is mediocre. Not bad, tasty, but nothing I will remember. But, on the other hand, prices are cheap so can't complain. Service not so good, although they try. My side dish came some 10 minutes after my main course which got cold in a meantime.

If I am near maybe I will go there again, but maybe maybe....

So So

Joined: Mar 14, 2013
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First time at Purple Haze and I wasn't super impressed. We had pad thai, an eggplant dish, and the duck with pineapple curry. The curry was fantastic... creamy, a bit spicy but sweet, and the duck meat was really juicy. The pad thai was mediocre at best; all I tasted was oil. The eggplant dish was pretty forgettable. The waitstaff were pretty accommodating until they brought out the completely wrong dish (salmon salad instead of duck curry) and seemed annoyed when we told them it was wrong. Just okay for me. Still looking for reasonably-priced, authentic thai food in this city....

Nothing special but worth it if you are in the area.

Joined: Sep 03, 2010
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I've lived within walking distance for about 4 years, so I've eaten at Purple Haze countless times. This is not the type of place that you "must" try while you're in Beijing. I wouldn't take out-of-town guests here either. But if you are in the area and hungry, Purple Haze is fine.

The food is ok. Purple Haze's potato chicken curry isn't bad and they don't skimp on the rice, but you can exactly replicate the dish at home with store bought curry paste. Their "Thai burritos" make for a decent lunch dish. I'd avoid most of the fried dishes because they are often oily and over done. The chicken soup is tasty but be prepared for some strong flavors.

The interior is reasonably comfortable although it hasn't been redone in several years. The dining area and bathrooms are clean. The chairs and sofas are comfortable (think: second hand couch you'd find in a college dorm room).

I've had great, inattentive and horrible service. Service standards are pretty random. Typically, no one is going to ask you if you want a refill but the staff won't go out of their way to ignore you.

My bill usually ends up around 100 RMB per person, not counting adult beverages. That's about right. Purple Haze isn't a high-end, destination restaurant but it's not a dusty noodle & dumpling shop either.

Loved the foods.

Joined: Jul 06, 2011
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As in above comment many gentlemen had already expressed their view towards the foods that they have tasted in the Purpal Haze Restaurant and Bar. I think they are satisfied with the tastes and the services they were provided in this restaurant. Once I have also visited this restaurant, and I too liked the foods, drinks and the warm welcome. You know everyone have rights to express their view. In my view if this restaurant manages to play the western music then the customers would love more. I don't have any dough about foods and all the services they are providing. They are good. However, the guests are always searching for new things. So, if they would bring the nice western musician in the restaurant then they will not forget the restaurant as I haven't forgotten it because of its delicious foods. At last I would like to say that chicken soup became my favorite after I visited this restaurant.
Cincinnati Dining

Thai food lovers.

Joined: Jan 31, 2011
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Restaurant was full, we asked for 2 watermelon juices and were delicious.
After looking at the menu, we decided to go for the vermicelli, papaya salad, and bbq pork. Everything was outstanding, I love spicy and I have to say that everything was perfect . I've gone several times to thailand i this restaurant is the closest taste to Thailand.
In my opinion, the sofas are to low, maybe cushions?
The waiters treated us in English.