Salsa Caribe 卡利宾拉丁舞俱乐部


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Located behind the Pacific Century Plaza at Changhong Qiao east of Sanlitun, this is Beijing’s best place to go for Latin music lovers and salsa aficionados, featuring a large dance floor, high-tech DJ booth, and house Latin band – a raucous blend of sweat, sin and extremely tight pants.


Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (across from The Loft)
Chaoyang District
Daily 6pm-2am
6507 7821
Cash only


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User reviews of Salsa Caribe 卡利宾拉丁舞俱乐部

It's fun, but not really 100% salsa

Joined: Jun 20, 2011
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Review of Salsa Caribe

Not that I would know how to dance salsa very well, but I have watched and been around and know what is genuine....sometimes you get those who can really dance, but most of the time beginners like myself....

A really passion and sex filled atmosphere, and really in a good creepiness or creepers to be found...The guys coming here are all in amazing shape and good looking and the women are in excellent shape and gorgeous as well....Not the place for me, partly because I can't dance and partly because I am out of shape and averagely handsome...

But I don't knock the place! It is great for those girls/guys with high expectations looking for really hot types!

Not a salsa place

Joined: Apr 28, 2012
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Review of Salsa Caribe

First of all, the map of the location is wrong!

Secondly, we were there on a friday night, for 2 hours and not a single salsa played.
The sound was awful.

A complete waste of our time.

Tsee. Don't know how this is the best salsa place in China!

Hope this will help
Regards Tarrinho

I really really wanted to give this place 5 stars but the drinks are just not good enough and the service is bad

Joined: Mar 11, 2008
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Review of Salsa Caribe

I LOVE SALSA CARIBE! The one place in town where people actually come to dance, and where there is an amazing band that plays with fantastic energy. The place is roomey and has a decent sized dancefloor which is rarely too crowded, which is a big plus in Beijing where the dancefloors are usually tiny. The only problem I have is that the waiters always seem pissed off and that the drinks are overpriced and not very good. However I understand that with so many people coming just for dancing and not really consuming they have to find a way to make money. I hope they will put a higher gate fee, since salsa lovers will definately agree to paying more if the quality of the band stays the same.

cool place for salsa

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Review of Salsa Caribe

If you like to dance salsa , its a really cool place with a nice live band, i think its the only place that the owner know how to dance, there are also a lot of black men but most of them know how to dance too....