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Offers safe, family scuba diving services! Kids aged 10 and up Underwater activities, including swimming with dolphins and full certification courses for ages 10 and up. Classes available in Chinese and English.


Workers’ Stadium South Gate
Chaoyang District
Completely Smoke Free
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Great time at the Blue Zoo

Joined: Aug 19, 2013
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Review of SinoScuba

Had an excellent time with Steven at the Blue Zoo this weekend. I'm an open water certified diver, and can't wait to follow up with him and do the adventure and advanced program at the Great Wall.
For a novice, the aquarium experience is excellent. Fun with fish, diving and amusing the guests at the aquarium. Loaner equipment was decent - I wish I had brought my own - but for the experience, it was perfect. No complaints, only fun!

Thanks Steven.

A Great, Unique Adventure

Joined: Sep 25, 2009
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Review of SinoScuba

I meant to write this review a long long time ago but always seemed to be busy. I took my girlfriend here for her birthday last summer to do the Shark Interaction program and both of us had an amazing time. I'm from Florida and have swam in coral reefs many times, but it's so great to be guaranteed to see so many beautiful fish and sharks in such close quarters. Steven was laid back and nice, and had me and my girlfriend(first time scuba-divers) in the water in no time. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great time or just trying to escape the city feel for a while.

Proud of My New 12 Yr Old PADI Diver

Joined: Jan 26, 2011
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Review of SinoScuba

There are quite a few things you leave behind in your home country, but then you're also astounded at some opportunities available in Beijing that you'd never anticipated, and outstripped your expectations.

SinoScuba is one of those amazing experiences "only in Beijing". Who'd ever think that this was possible?

Last summer, we gave a 45 minute dive at the Blue Zoo to my 12 year old son for his birthday. He was thrilled. Steven, founder of SinoScuba, made it easy for him to borrow a suit his size, and after a few minutes of advice, guided him safely around the Blue Zoo's aquarium. They stopped and fluffed up sand to gather the fish and saw sharks and giant turtles up close. The fish ignored him, the Chinese tour groups gaped.

When we learned that we could extend this experience by my son doing a PADI course, same place, with Steven, We jumped at the chance. It was very reasonably priced, and a better option than doing it rushed at a tropical resort while on vacation, or in a chlorinated pool back home.

Steven gave him the offical PADI text and materials and patiently, make that PATIENTLY, reviewed the material with him one-on-one, and gave him a series of quizzes and tests to make sure he got it. A few more dives in the Blue Zoo to get the hang of the equipment, procedures and safety protocols.

The second half of the PADI certification was a thrill. The family accompanied my son and Steven and another PADI candidate 3.5 hours north to a reservoir at which the Great Wall dipped in and under. What an amazing site to complete the required 4 open water dives. It was a terrific weekend of diving and hiking - as memorable as any vacation - and now my son clutches his PADI certificate with a big grin of pride.

The whole experience was top notch. I trusted Steven 110% with my son and his PADI education, at the bottom of Blue Zoo and in the depths of a reservoir. He was a great teacher, and now we count him as a good family friend.

Best of luck to him, and all the future divers - recreational and PADI-wannabes.

One of the coolest things to do in Beijing

Joined: Apr 05, 2011
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Review of SinoScuba

Yesterday we did the Shark Interaction program, and got to swim with (and pet) sharks, fish, and sea turtles. I've been snorkeling tons of times (used to live in the Caribbean), and I thought diving in an aquarium might be lame, but actually it is perfect for a first dive, and the fish and sharks are used to people, so you get to interact with them more than you would in the wild. (Good luck finding a five-foot sea turtle in nature, or petting a sleepy nurse shark).
Steven was a great instructor: we felt safe with him, but he was also very laid-back. The price was very reasonable, and we didn't feel rushed through the diving program (which is always a concern of mine when paying for something in Beijing).
This was definitely one of the coolest things I've done in China, and would recommend it to anyone, even if you've snorkeled/dived a lot in the past, since the aquarium environment is a different type of experience.

Shark Diving with SinoScuba

Joined: Dec 13, 2011
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Review of SinoScuba

I managed to convince my girlfriend to let me take her scuba diving at the Blue Zoo Aquarium with Steve at SinoScuba. I didn't initially tell her that we would be diving with the Sharks,LOL But I must admit that even I was a little intimidated by the idea at first despite my many years of experience with diving. However, once we met with Steve and he started to show us around and explained how the dive works and how to properly interact with the Sharks, my girlfriend and I were both very comfortable with the whole idea. Steve actually compared approaching the sharks in the way you would approach your neighbors dog, which made a lot of sense. One we got in the tank and he demonstrated it was obvious that the sharks weren't bothered by us at all. We eventually got to pet the sharks and the big turtles. It was the most amazing dive experience I've ever had and my girlfriend had the time of her life!!!

Todd DeRegnaucourt