[CLOSED] Xu Xiang Zhai Vegetarian Restaurant 叙香斋


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Located close to the Confucius and Lama Temples, Xu Xiang Zhai offers a broad-ranging vegetarian buffet featuring mock meats, tofu, vegetables, sushi, soups, porridge, fresh fruits and dessert. The buffet spread is a good value at just RMB 78 per person. A la carte ordering is also available if you don’t want to overload yourself with food. The dining room is clean and the non-smoking environment is a plus.


Lama Temple and Guozijian
26 Guozijian Dajie
Dongcheng District
50-80 per person
Daily 10am-9pm; lunch buffet 11.30am-2pm, dinner buffet 5.30-9pm
6404 6568
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards

User reviews of [CLOSED] Xu Xiang Zhai Vegetarian Restaurant 叙香斋


Joined: Mar 07, 2013
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The atmosphere was tops, the service was great and the food was delicious. As a vegan traveller this place was a haven of delicious food. Some food was a little oily, but it's a buffet so you don't have to eat it. Vegetables were fresh and great assortment and variety.

Food's not great, go elsewhere for vegan food

Joined: Feb 02, 2012
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Nice atmosphere and expansive buffet. Including desserts. However, I didn't really have anything I liked - it was bland and poorly cooked. I've been to many better vegan places in Beijing, including two nearby. In the end I regretted spending 88 kuai on a buffet when I'd have spent less elsewhere ordering off the menu.

Interesting for the massive array of vegetarian options in the buffet

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This is not exactly gourmet dining (think of it as a vegetarian version of the Origus Pizza Buffet) but it's quite amazing all the dishes they're able to come up with without the aid of any meat whatsoever. The buffet is entirely vegetarian and there's beer and ice cream to boot. Not a place I'd go out of the way for, but if you're in the vicinity of the Lama Temple / Yonghe Gong, it's worth a try.

Nice place but really overpriced

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Went there today for lunch and as the buffet didn't look that great chose to order from the menu instead. The staff was very welcoming and overall did a great job, the place is comfortable and looks decent. As for the food, however, we were quite dissatisfied. It does taste and look wonderful, but the servings are quite small and everything is sooooo pricey we almost left right away after a first look at the menu. We tried the gongbao "chicken" (45 kuai, the smallest I ever had in China, and I've been here for years), the sausages (pretty good but 8 kuai for one!), the haixian lapi (that dongbei style tofu with sesame paste and mustard oil : 38 kuai!!! I make the same at home for 4 kuai)- even the youmaicai were 16 kuai, and did I mention a pot of tea goes for 68 kuai? A great place if you have a big wallet and that you're 40 something- some of the more expansive dishes really looked fantastic but I can't afford spending 200+ kuai for one dish. If you're just a student or simply broke, just go somewhere else.