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Drink&Draw @ Modernista

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Drink and Draw is not a drawing class, but an open, free, and creative weekly space for anyone who enjoys drawing while having a good drink. It features different topics, models, stage set ups and music every week, making it an always fresh and exciting event!

Modernista provides pens and papers but you are very welcome to bring as well your own materials. At the end of the night, drawing are collected for the models to choose their favorite, and the winner of the night gets a free drink.

Every week we announce our topics, post sights and pictures in the Drink & Draw wechat groups. Please contact the organizer through this QR Code if you want to join them!

You like to drink and you can hold a pencil? Then the most artistic happy hour in town is certainly for you.

Event is for FREE!

If you wanna contribute with ideas, by posing or with something else - Let us know! Scan the QR code posted below and ask admin for help!