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Photography Exhibition 老外in北京

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Anna Liu is a Chinese photographer who one day just woke up with the idea of having a camera to photograph different faces. Fascinated by catching the moments, she got herself a camera, then asked her friends and random people wherever she met them "Hey, would you like to be my model?" And none of them ever refused. She always says that they were such sweet and cool people. They had no pretence in front of her camera. They appeared the way they are, absolutely natural.

"A collection of portraits of random people, friends and expats that are surviving and trying to make it in 北京. These photos, in my opinion, reveal the sweet smell of success and the struggle of living in this new land of opportunity: China. We are all content in this foreign land, although we are not quite sure about the exact reason for this contentment. Perhaps we feel freer here than at home." says Anna

You can see her exhibition from March 15th till the end of March only @ Fu Tapas and Wine



photography exhibition
photography exhibition
photography exhibition
photography exhibition
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