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i went to these great tailor markets in shanghai (qipu lu markets, i think). is there anything like that here in beijing?

i've been to the tailor shops in ya show and unless you want a business suit or a chinese dress, there's not many other options. i want to get some chinese-style things made but using cotton, linen etc (NOT silk!)

also i want to buy things like sewing scissors and other bits & pieces (buttons etc). these markets in shanghai had everything but i thought, nah, i'll wait til i get back to beijing.... now i can't find the stuff i want here.

can anyone recommend a good one? ... is there one?

2 Places to try:

Muxiyuan Fabric Market
Haihutun, South of Muxiyuan Qiao on Nansanhuan Lu (turn left at first traffic light after the bridge, go 200 m past bus station)

Daxin Textiles
Northeast corner of Dongsi crossing, Dongcheng District (6403 2378)

Gosh, that Insider's Guide to BJ is so handy!

thanks chiclets Smile

didn't even think of looking at that :oops:

I want to get my mother in law some nice sewing supplies, like needles and threads and a decorative box to organize it all in. Any suggestions of where to look?