how many layers do you wear/how to keep warm in winter?

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this last week has been friggin cold,

i am surprised by people looking all happy and stuff with no hat and in light jackets, while the wind blows...
i don't get it...

while i have this insanely big thick black winter coat on, and big pants
i have 1 or 2 cargo pants that have an inside layer, this really helps

i feel like i look like i came from the chinese civil war time...
(I think Chinese try to generally not wear such big thick coats anymore...)

so how do you guys keep warm?

or is this a silly question?

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Emmm....coz it's really hot inside, so I don't wear too much clothes, otherwise it will be a pain in the ass to stay at home or office.

Usually, a thick winter coat outside, but only a T-shirt, short pants and boots is enough for me, sometimes with tights.

I've been using the skiing methodology. Layer of thermals under everything. Then my regular clothes. Then some sort of light inner jacket (polartech or a skiing shell). And a down-insulated ski jacket on top. I usually blow off the hat so I don't get "hat head" at work, but I do generally wear a nice pair of insulated gore-tex gloves. Depending on how cold it is at the end of the day you can peel off a layer for the ride home.












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important things are high quality polypropylene thermal underwear you find in hiking shops and a windbreaker. Those in conjunction with heat developed from walking briskly or riding will keep you warm down to 0 degrees or a bit less. If it gets colder than an insulating jacket. The idea is to onyl wear enough to keep you warm while moving, since rest of the time you will be inside or in a taxi. i find it gets way to hot if i walk with a big jacket and insulating layers underneath.

if you carry a bag then it's easy to keep a spare fleece windbreaker if weather turns sour.

oh yeh. the thermals also wick away moisture from the skin, the number one enemy to keeping warm,

two pairs of trousers, deez nuts are staying warm

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pretty sad, I know, but this is what I wear:

dress or athletic socks

dress pants or jeans (but no longjohns)

a camisole with spaghetti straps

a dress shirt or long sleeve shirt

a cheapa cheapa fleece from the Silk Market (I have so many colours!)

a comfy scarf (from the Silk Market, of course!)

two layers of mittens (made by my Grammy)

a hat, um sometimes...but I usually leave my apt. with wet hair & no hat

...I've been here for a few years now...came from the East Coast of Canada, and the cold has never really been a problem.

As long as I have my grammy's mittens, I'm happy & warm, lol!

short sleeve shirt or t-shirt, thin sweater and a quite heavy jacket (although not that thick) that allows wind to go through .... so f..king cold. Sad

Occasionally wear gloves. But too hard to be wearing those and have a smoke. :?

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T-shirt, hoodie, jeans (not lined). Gloves, helmet, and chaps added on the bike. One pair of socks made of fabric (beyond that, I do not know what they are made of), shoes. Made of something shoelike. Hat and a nice fat winter coat when I go outside. Cold ain't got me yet.