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Hi Everyone,

My girlfriend and I are trying to get her a US visa so she can visit my family in the US during winter holidays. I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to do this and what, if anything, I can do to help the process.

If anyone has tips on expediting processes, general advice on logistics (what kind of bank info they need, how to properly write an invitation letter, guarantees, etc.), or just experience with this at all, please let me know. I know there are special visas for spouses and fiances, but have not found anything for girlfriends and/or friends in general.

Thanks in advance for your help!


pls see the visa types for applicant with different need ,it may help you.

Get engaged. There is no paperwork anywhere in the world that shows whether you are really engaged. Then she is your fiance and its a little easier to get a visa in the experience of some of my expat friends that have tried this.

Getting an immigrant visa is hit or miss for Chinese nationals going to the USA.

My advice to you is get a Senator or someone from the Fed level if you have any connections.

Have her bring everything to an interview:

Your Contract (if you are working)
Work Papers
Bank account statements
Property papers
Her Houkou papers

The burden of proof is that she will return to China and the interviewers are arbitrary in their decisions. She has about 3-5 minutes and if she hesitates she wont get it.

The marriage/fiance thing might work, but that can take months, and there is a burden of proof that you will get married within 90 days upon entering.

Good luck

I thought that there was no such thing as a tourist visa to the U.S. for a Chinese citizen, unless the Chinese citizen is going on a booked group tour with a licensed tourguide.

Yes, good luck with a fiancee visa. Ours was just denied in Guangzhou at the interview last week, after waiting over 7 months for it, even though she submitted a lot of evidence of our relationship and I even came to Guangzhou to support her. It is right that the consulate rushes the applicant through and will probably deny the visa if she hesitates in a question or doesn't answer 100% accurately.

Please understand that the K-1 fiancee visa petition requires you and your fiancee to make statements that you intend to marry within 90 days of her entry to the U.S., and you must, or she will be deported.

A K-3 marriage visa is similar, costs more to process, and requires in addition that you must show evidence of "bona fides" underlying the relationship, such as shared housing, bills, assets, bank accounts, children together, and/or other mutual financial responsibilities or major mutual "stakes" in the game of life.

It's difficult for a Chinese national to get a tourist visa to the US. The fear is that s/he would overstay the visa and remain in the US. So a tourist visa can be applied for, but don't hold your breathe. She'll have to show that she has strong ties to China and fully intends to return. A better option would be to get engaged and bring her over to the US to marry you. This is faster than other options. I have useful info on the K-1 for foreign nationals at and information for US/Chinese couples at Best wishes.
This isn't legal advice; please consult an immigration attorney.

bad advise for getting a fiancee visa. ya that's easier to get a visa anyway but u have to marry her within 3 months or sth in the US. if you didn't, ur gf'd unlikely get a tourist visa next time because it'd be considered cheating.
well do it only if u are planning to get marry in 3 month;-)

a B-2 visa is not hard to get nowadays as long as she can show strong ties in China (family, property and a decent job etc) . ur invitation letter is necessary.

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