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Can anyone recommend a good foreign gynecologist in Beijing?


Beijing Obstetrics gynecology hospital may be the best choices.
the phone:95168616.

is visiting a western Gynecologist very expensive in Beijing, without insurance??

Can anyone please recommend a good (english speaking) Gyno??
And the cost, if possible Wink

My friend need to have Pap Smear done.


out of the foreign hospitals, this was the least expensive, about half the price of kerry center vista clinic and beijing united. its not strictly a foreign hospital but they will provide a good translator for you, if necessary. otherwise vista clinic is good but better if you have insurance to cover it.

Trust me, it's so danger.

She has insurance it's for O'seas student thing, but i don't think it covers pap smear Blum 3

But thank you so much for the info!


You can try American-Sino Hospital, They have english speaking doctor who used to work in America. Please dial the hotline 64968888 to book an appointment first:)

Hi, does anybody know an english speaking gynecologist around here? I checked with Beijing United, and one consultation costs 1000rmb! It's way expensive for me, sine I'm here without insurance. Do you know any other clinics where it's cheaper?
Thanks for the help , cheers

I like Union hospital (Foreign department). Chinese gynecologist is very good !

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