BeetleJuice and Hank the angry Dwarf

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Sometimes I miss Howard Stern. He's a total bastard, but just a glance at TBJ reminds me of some of my favorite characters on his show. Especially when I read posts by

the-remedy and Justace

Remember Beetlejuice? He was a virgin (go figure, eh?) and Stern got him a crack whore, they got all smoked up and naked, and Beetlejuice couldn't get it up for her. Poor guy.
Here's Beetlejuice

And then there was Hank the angry Dwarf. He was a raging alcoholic, and Everybody on the show would demean him and just basically crap on him. One time they did "Dwarf Bowling". Hank was pretty much passed out and sick and they just threw him all over the place. Later, Hank drank himself to death in a pool of fesces and urine, destitute and alone

here's Hank, the bunnysuit is funny because he's very small and angry. Also, he's dead

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

hahahaha Lol

I almost wish I was American.

That's what BMWDMP wishes he looked like...if he was black, that is. Go Beetlejuice...

I liked the Stuttering John Interviews:

When Gennifer Flowers called a news conference at New York's posh Waldorf Astoria hotel to discuss her allegation of an affair with presidential candidate Bill Clinton, Stuttering John asked: Will you be sleeping with any other presidential candidates?

Other Stuttering John moments:

To actor Chevy Chase: Do you read the scripts of the movies you choose to make or do you go, 'Eenie mennie minie moe?'

To the Dali Lama: Do people come up to you and say, 'Hello Dali?'

To sports broadcaster and "Mr. Kathy Lee," Frank Gifford: Does you son ever accidentally call you grandpa?

To actress Liz Taylor: Was selling perfume one of your career goals?

To anchor Barbara Walters: Should people who talk like Elmer Fudd pursue careers in broadcasting?

To comedienne Carol Burnett: Are you upset that you're unemployed and that Ellen DeGeneres is a superstar?

And to Regis Philbin: If Kathie Lee sucks, say 'What?' (The gag is that the question is so unexpected it inevitably evokes a "What" from the interviewee, who thinks that he or she must have heard wrong. My fourth grader thinks the concept is hilarious.)

No doubt that Stuttering John is crude. And please, note, that I only included those sample questions that the family censors would allow. His really razor-like material is much raunchier and evokes many more guffaws from those who appreciate it.

Most noteworthy individuals don't. Appreciate it, that is.

Raquel Welch hit Stuttering John in the nose after he quizzed her about her sagging figure. Ex-talk show host Morton Downey knocked Stuttering John off his chair after a question concerning his wife. Actress Sharon Stone took offense to one of Stuttering John's questions concerning her film and, according to him, she had her body guards rough him up.

Many, many actors and public personalities have morphed on camera from jovial to tyrannical in the face of John's ridiculously insightful questions. No matter how cuddly Michael Douglas or Danny DeVito portray themselves in the future, I've seen them at their worst, thanks to Stuttering John. And they aren't pretty.

Among the real news media, there are actually very few Michael Moores and Stuttering Johns. But I never coach an executive on how to meet the media without using those two inappropriate inquirers as classroom exhibits.

If you can keep your composure and laugh at yourself in the face of Michael Moore and Stuttering John, then ABC News' Sam Donaldson and CBS News' Mike Wallace don't stand a chance.

Stuttering John to actor Tom Hanks, who played Daryl Hannah's love interest in the mermaid movie Splash: Was Daryl Hannah blonde all over?

Tom Hanks' reply: A good-natured laugh.
(Tom Hanks gets it.)

Jesus, Dan


"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

a little taste

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

That's funny, thanks Dan. You can listen free on some mirror streaming site, my friend listens to it all the time.

Don't mind Otto, he's never been the same since P.T. Barnum died.

I love listening to Howard Stern, I am addicted to his show. I listen everyday on long bus rides and on the subway going into Chaoyang. You can download the show daily, 4 hours of uncensorsed Howard Stern without the commercials! Been here two months and haven't missed a show!