lice in china -- what to do ?!

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awesome, i have lice in china! atleast i think i do. not much itching, but i cant shake the feeling of movement over one small area of my scalp. its creeping me out.

i called up beijing united hospital asking them how much their anti-lice shampoo is -- 490some kuai for a one-use bottle. no thanks.

anyone know of any home remedies (that can be bought in china) for head lice? or where i can buy some lice shampoo that isnt 490 kuai per use?

much appreciated...

You might want to pay a visit to one of the non-expat hospitals.

Lol That's nasty.

I'd say it would be worth popping into Watsons if there is one near you.

Or just a big pharmacy/drug store. That can be a bit embarrassing but I think most of those guys are used to some foreign guy rocking in, stuttering for a while then pulling down his pants and pointing to the massive boil on his butt. Stuff like that.

They are near me anyway.

It's probably a brain tumour and you're going to die.

Lice don't stay in one specific area of the scalp.

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herojuana wrote:
It's probably a brain tumour and you're going to die.

Lice don't stay in one specific area of the scalp.

it was a stroke

Best to get some acid and apply it in large quantities.
That might kill them off.

For 490 kuai I'd want that stuff to wash, dry and blow me.

Sometimes the same is different, but mostly, it's the same.

Coolest substance around.....get it in Carrefore.

Lice can be a real bitch to get rid of.
Don't panic though-you almost certainly have dry scalp-you can tell because if it's lice, it's really hard to remove the eggs from the hair-but dry scalp will just flake off.

You need to get a friend to have a look for you.

You can get the treatment from Vista-not sure of the price, but probably cheaper than BJU

Shaving your head might help. Cheap.

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seabreeze98 wrote:
Shaving your head might help. Cheap.

Lol 10 outta 10

Baking soda like one person suggested is maybe a good idea. Although my first thought was Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV. This can be bought in a normal chinese grocery store in the vinegar section and will cost 10rmb or less per bottle(Chinese brand). There are other brands-imported or whatever but I just buy the el cheapo stuff and go thru maybe 2 bottles/week with me and my cats and dogs. It is good for soooo many things. Also check out this website "". It has alot of home remedies for many ailments.

If you get the acv in your eyes by accident don't worry, you won't go blind or anything but it will sting for a second. There is actually a homemade ayurvedic eyewash I make and use daily using a combo of honey, bottled water and acv.

The Pinyin for Baking Soda is "xiao suda" and there are many Chinese brands for less than 5rmb/bag. I go thru lots of this also/week.

Hope it works!