Lets All Watch Youtube. Youtubecn.com that is!

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it works!! and no stupid proxies or obscure technical messages!!

zhenlai, i fucking love you man! i will never disagree with you or insult you again! i promise.

how long before they censor this, though?

wocao!!!tai niubile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P~ cant belive im viewing youtube!!!good old days with those clips!!!!

haha, that's fantastic, man. Cheers, zhenners, you're a diamond. Kiss 2

Wonder how long that'll last.


Let's spank it together!

Chongletube is live!

God they still censor C - hongle?


Yeeeeahhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

Droog remember this video?

Love this song... could only find the acoustic version on google.cn


Wtf, I never know this youtubecn.

Cough, still makes me laff

wow, this is great, get rid of this topic, don't let the internet Nazi's find out about this!

Awesome, cheers Zhenlai.


nice one Zhenlai!

a couple small glitches.

search only returns one page of entries.

some of the videos don't work...

oh well. you can pick your nose, but you can't pick unblocked video sites.

i searched lots of old clips..

miss them! :''(