Residence permit validity after termination of employment

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I'm going to be leaving my job soon, terminating my contract, and presumably in doing so also canceling my work permit. Has anyone gone through this process prior to getting a new job?

Once my employment permit is canceled, how long do have to find a new job before I have to go through all the Z visa nonsense again, including the health check and trip to HK.

If I don't get a new job and new residence permit processed within that time period, do I have to leave the country? Of course I'm not going to give my passport to anyone so my visa won't have a "canceled" stamp on it, but I've heard this is tied to the work permit, so after the work permit is canceled the visa is technically canceled. Any experience?


you have several choices:
1.before the expired date of your Z visa, find another company and change your work permit
2.convert Z visa to F or L visa without leaving the country
3.go to hk to get L visa,then extend or convert it to F or Z visa.
hope useful

Well, if you are already a Z visa holder, I mean, the residence permit holder, you don't need leave for your visa renewal.
First of all, you should prepare your documents before the expire date. 30 days in advance would be better.
It isn't necessary to prepare the medical examination again but the release letter, the bechalor degree paper, the working experience certificate and, of course, the sponsorship materials from any company that is willing to provide.

What's the most important documents you should get forhand is the release letter.

BTW, if your visa is going to expire soon, and you can not get another sponsorship at the same time, we can help extending your Z visa even without that.

Good Luck!


You can find another company and change your work permit,you should prepare your documents before the expire date. 30 days in advance would be better.
It isn't necessary to prepare the medical examination again but the release letter, the bechalor degree paper, the working experience certificate and, of course, the sponsorship materials from any company that is willing to provide.

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Hi there,

For your case, you'd better renew your current RP(Residence permit) which is far more easier than any other solutions, what you need to do is just find a sponsor company n do it with all documents required:

Cancelation receipt of employment permit and release letter from your previous company is required, you wont need health check for renew RP.

If you canot find a new employer 10 days ahead of visa expire date, you'd better find an agency to do it for you.

Need my help or more info. feel free to let me know.


Thank you all for your responses. Unfortunately, none referred to the issue at hand.

My residence permit is not going to expire any time soon. I am not concerned about getting it extended, and I do not need a new Z visa.

I am going to leave my job. From the date of my release letter (which will be the date I leave my job), is there a 30 day time restriction within which I need to have my work permit re-assigned to a new company before it becomes invalid?

If there is such a restriction, am I technically supposed to cancel my residence permit and get a new L/F/whatever visa to stay in the country if I haven't been signed on to a new company within the required time? Again, note that my residence permit will not expire in any relevant time frame.


Hi there,

The date of leaving your job is the date of terminating your contract. The release letter don't have time restriction. So you don't need to care it if you don't want to have a Z visa again.

Your residence permit will expire until your employment permit expire. You need to leave China when your residence permit expired. Or you can let some visa agents help you, convert Z visa to another type directly without leave China.

I sent you a private message just now. Please check it in time.Hope you all the best!

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Never heard there is limitation on that, normally u can renew Z when you get a new job. If u will change it to L/F, u wont b able to chang it back to Z unless u go out of the country to get new visa.

Dear agents,

I know you're trying to be helpful, and I appreciate that, but please try not to confuse your terms, or it's hard to take your statements seriously.

A Z visa, a residence permit, and an employment permit are all very different things. I suspect many of you are not so familiar with my question, because there isn't really an opportunity for you to get business out of this type of transition. I'm really hoping there's a foreigner who's gone through this before; either quit or been fired from their legal employer before lining up new employment.


Mayba I have confused your terms,But someone in our company may meet the case like yours. So I think If you arenot busy, I can have a chart with you.
I will find someone in my company to help you.
Feel free to call me.
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Currently i changed my job in china so my current Al lien work permit should be terminated,

but still my current resident permit is Valid for next 4 months, is that possible that i could enter china using my current resident permit which is accompanied by the work permit
from the previous employer or i need to enter china with new business Visa please kindly advice.


The problem is that a company will not usually issue a release letter until you hand over your passport and cancel the applicable temporary residence permit which is linked to your employment.

wow not a single person including agent correctly answered this question. You have 30 days from when your former company reports your contract terminated to SAFEA, after 30 days they will not approve any transfered of your employement permit or foreign experts certificate and they become void. Without these documents the exit/entry department will not renew your residence permit. What really is being cancelled is your foreign employeemnt permit/foreign expert certificate which is directly linked to your residence permit so you need to make sure it is transferred if you dont want to go through the process of getting a new residence permit from scratch. You need to have a letter of termination from your former company, good luck getting this, they know you only have 30 days to get it and will stall and refuse to give it to you until the time expires if they want to be jerks, even if you contact SAFEA it will take more than 30 days to resolve any disputes at which point you have no use for the letter. any real agent who know anything about employeement visa will be able to transfer you residence permit and certificate once you find a new company, if they tell you they cant then it means they know nothing about employeement visas and have never done it before because it is quite common to do and the exit/entry bereau handle these cases all the time. It should be no problem if you can get the letter of termination and find a new job in less than 30 days

I believe the employer is required to give the release letter at the time of termination. Without it, you've got your job still.