Anyone heard of a Dog Zoo?

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I saw and article saying there is a dog zoo 6 km north of Beijing where you can rent dogs. Does anyone know where it is? I contacted the writer and he said he found it from another source and he doesn't know. The site is:

Any help is appreciated!! Wanted to have a xmas plan for my gf who is a huge dog lover but cannot buy a dog. Thank you so much!!

There's a huge dog market in Tongzhou called 梨园狗市

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dog market sam.lee? how LOW can you get? MS52, whatever you do, don't listen to that messed up freak. The thing is, this is china, not sure if you've realised??? you don't want to rent a dog that's been treated like a piece of furniture the rest of his life and pay the bastards who did it to him. if this was the US, then the idea of renting dogs for a holiday would sound mad at the least (but just about acceptable if the dogs were chosen specially to have no loyalty and to love basically everybody, so they'd be happy). Here, I can't bare to think about it. If you can't buy a dog but want to treat your gf, a lot of owners need people to look after their dogs when they're on holiday. Then you can prevent a dog from getting depressed at the kennels and ensure that your doggie is healthy and pampered in her other home - plus, it's free!