Z visa residents now need to re-register at the police station upon return

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Wonder if anyone else has heard that this is now apparently a new policy for the people on Z.

About a month ago, received a call from the police station to stop in to re-register.

Informed them that Z visa holders are not generally required to do that, no?

Reply on the phone was that the law had changed. Thanked the officer and let it be.

At renewal time, was informed by the Exit/Entry that the police registration form was invalid.

Had to return to police station to get a new registration. After some discussion and negotation about why it had taken so long to stop in was given a new registration, which was then accepted by Exit/Entry.

Don't worry, in a year or two nobody will be able to get a visa anymore in China. All visas will have so many new rules and regulations nobody will be able to get one. That is their master plan. 8}

You mean you have to re-register every time you re-enter China after being abroad? This has been a requirement for a while, but not many people know about it, or they do, and don't bother.

Or do you mean to re-register once you have your residents permit or a new Z visa?

> You mean you have to re-register every time you re-enter China after being abroad?

Of course that's what he means.

Though technically, it's not a Z visa. Mine says on it "residence permit".

Did you have to take your landlord/lady to the police station?

Residence Permit. According to the police (and in this specific incident), registration is required upon every return. That's why the renewal at Exit/Entry was not accepted and required a new registration slip from the PSB. Landlord does not live in town.