Too many agents & recruiters now posting as teachers on expat forums

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I just counted 13 users on the TBJ that are obviously recruiters or agents based on how they praise or defend schools they profit from and China ESL alone has over 38 classified ads posted under fake sock puppet accounts here and even more at If the mods don't stop this crap these fourums will lose their cred and rep

It's quite comical and ironic to hear you talking about other peoples 'sock puppet' accounts.

Also, what are you doing posting at 5.09am & 6.26am? You are not in China are you?

The cleanest, meanest, leanest, obscenest and most heinous penis....

Clever Kids as well,

watch out for them, they will over work you, under pay you and if they don't like you will let you go and keep your salary.

They also use non-native English speakers as their primary teachers.

try raoulschinasaloon instead... it's not an open door policy and there's prety much not a single recruiter on there. 


problem with those folks is you cut off one account and they create 3 new ones... 

We're managing to stay ahead of them so far but if you think the number of ads they manage to get past us is high, you should see the number of ads that get rejected every day. we're talking 1000s.... it ain't simple running a site with free classified, especially with housing and teaching ones.