How do you find a job in China?

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Dear international friends,

How do you find a work in China? the internet, the agency or something else? *scratch_one-s_head*

It highly depends on the type of job.

Yes, yes, and yes. Online, agencies, friends, professional contacts, LinkedIn...

A key factor is motivation and persistence. If you give up after the first 50 rejections, you'll never find anything.

Another key factor is your experience and skills. Skilled/experienced workers can find jobs more easily. Unskilled ones with little experience--not so easily. But then that's true all over the world... Smile

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Yes, you are right.

You get the SAFEA/CFTU white-listed school list and pick a school or university that interests you and then send your resume directly to the FAO by fax which they are guaranteed to see. Do this for 10 schools and you'll get at least 4 offers within a week if ou are truly a qualified teacher. For other tips see: Good luck and remember that the DIY route is the safest and best way to get the better paying job. If you insist on using a China job agent or recruiter read this first to avoid getting ripped off:

Want a career instead of a job?

Whatever you do, avoid anyone claiming to be with a "China Teacher's Alliance", or refers you to posts on Reddit, Opnlttr, or any other site that lets people post unverified information. Also avoid any links from forum IDs: NYME and Lip Service. These and others are all one man, a convicted felon on the run from law enforcement in both Canada and the U.S.

WARNING: China Foreign Teachers' Union (CFTU) is a scam run by a convicted felon. UPDATE: He's now calling it China Teacher's Alliance. Still a scam.