IT developper engineer salary in Beijing?

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I'm a decent fullstack IT developper with 2-3 years experience in Germany, with master degree

What monthly salary can I except before taxes in central Beijing, in foreign companies (not chinese companies) ? There are companies looking for English speaking devs, also some for German or French speakers. A company offered 19k rmb a month but I fear they lowballed me, I really have no clue.

Do you guys have any idea, there is very little info on the web about this


19k pre-tax sounds reasonable for your qualifications. It's not extremely high but also not low. Assuming the company is legit, remember that they also have to arrange your work visa and pay social security contributions for you, so you will be costing the company a fair bit more than that.

You also have to ask questions like: what industry is the company in? Is the company well-managed and does it have good prospects? Is there room for promotions and advancement? How many hours are you expected to work a week? Do they provide other benefits (performance-related bonuses, subsidized or free housing, paid holidays, etc)? The answers to those questions will greatly affect how attractive the salary is.

To get a rough idea what decent Chinese IT companies pay (which is not that different from foreign companies), you can have a look on (link). If you don't read Chinese, try an online translator. Full-stack engineer in Chinese is 全栈工程师 (quán zhàn gōng chéng shī). Not all of the salary ranges are completely reliable, but it gives you some idea of what opportunities are out there. The jobs with higher salary ranges generally require more than just developer expertise (e.g. you might need to have sales and communication skills, be abe to manage a team, or work a large amount of overtime).