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Easy Rider.

Everyone's talking about my e-bike. The local bike repair guys just swoon over it.

It's basically nicer than 100% of the other e-bikes on the road. It's got a range of over 100k too.

I've tried to run the battery down, but my ass gets sore from all those hours of riding.

I keep the handlebars high, which the bike guys don't like, but I like to sit up straight. My long black jacket and hair flappin' in the wind.

I'm a cowboy. On a steely horse I ride.

I'm wanted. Dead or alive.

I got the high-end of course.

The funny thing is that you can buy this on Taobao for the same price as they charge for shitty lead-acid scooters at the local shops. This mama is 20 AMP lithium-ion. The battery weighs very little and is easy to carry around.

I wanted to buy another Yamaha, but it seems they've dried up in China. I still see some on the road but nothing for sale. Doesn't matter. This bike I got is way better than the Yamaha.

Dream bike. 100k. The way I figure it, I could ride this bad boy all the way to Beijing with one or two recharge stops. Fucking badass!

Don't even think about trying to steal it either. It's got GPS tracking, internal locking and an alarm system, like a car. I can even start it remotely.

After I built it, I took it to a shop to get it checked over. These two old bike guys wouldn't let me go for over an hour, just talking non-stop about the bike, riding it, etc. Then the other old bike guy on the corner stopped me at the intersection and wanted to check out my bike forever.

It's MY bike, m'fkrs! When I need you to fix it, I'll let you know. Probably won't be for at least a year.

In the meanwhile, BACK THE FUCK OFF. I'm soooo tired of everyone checking me out on my sexy kickass bike. It's gotten tiring already.

I highly recommend this manufacturer. The quality and engineering are excellent.

I can plop my GF on the back and take her wherever she wants. The balance is impeccable on this baby and it just runs forever. I can't even get the battery to run down significantly with hours of riding. And the price is good. I got the high end battery, but I would think most people wouldn't even need that. It's not like charging is a hassle. I got a charging station at my bike parking at work, but I hardly need it. It's like nothing to pop out the battery and recharge in my apartment.

My Yamahas were lead acid. Removable batteries, but heavy as fuck. I lived in the hutongs so it didn't matter. Just haul the bike inside and recharge. Li-ion is SO much better though. It's light, which means the whole bike is lighter. And it lasts at least a year, maybe two. Lead-acid says it lasts a year but for me it was more like six months. 500 to replace. Lithium is more like 1500, but it lasts much longer and doesn't shit out in cold weather.

EVs are the future. I'm so happy to be living in China where it's set up for them. I can even charge up in my work or home parking. Where I'm living there are more EVs on the road than cars. The traffic is ridiculous, but with an EV you never get stuck like you do in a big stupid heavy car.

Cars are for suckers.

I want to sell this stuff back in America. E-bikes are crazy expensive there and there's no service set up for them. In Beijing you can't take a whiz without hitting a bike shop. The city I'm in is like Beijing, totally set up for EVs. Better than Beijing, actually.

I'm outside the city but I can get there in fifteen minutes. No walking to a bus stop and waiting for the stupid crowded bus. Just GO. The wind in my hair.

I'm a cowboy. On a steely horse I ride.

I'm wanted. Dead or alive.

Not those Bon Jovi dudes were real cowboys. But who cares? That's the song that plays when you ride. Oh yeah, I could play it for real cuz I have a USB on the bike. Think I'm gonna try that.

I want to set up like a whole sound system on the bike. Just have to figure out a way to secure it.

The balance and control are so excellent on this bike, I can ride at walking speed on a sidewalk with no wobble.

OMG you actually are seen in public with that piece of shit?

"Everyone's talking about my e-bike. The local bike repair guys just swoon over it."

Insanity can sometimes be amusing.

You couldn't even ride an trike let alone an e-bike.

Baby. Gah-gah Goo-goo.

E-bikes are for adult grown-ups. Not little poopies.

breaking news on BTV:

an Italiano Americano foreign teacher having a 3P with GF AND e-bike while heading from village to Beijing en route a freeway.

best writers in my book: Charles Liu, Kyle Mulin, sciencie, TBA

worst ones: Javajew, Mezzarr, TBA

I'll drive that bitch *directly* into Beijing. I will plow it right into her!

You really need to give up your car. It's a stupid addiction.

Like so many Chinese you think a car is symbol of status. It's not. It's a symbol of retardation. Get an e-bike.

I'm a cowboy. On a steely horse I ride. I'm wanted. Dead or alive.

THAT is the song that you gotta sing in your head when you cruise on an e-bike.

Not a shit e-bike either, but like a good one like mine.

E-bikers also need to be assholes. It's requisite. Ignore lights whenever possible.

If you absolutely must stop, light up a cig at the intersection and act like an impatient asshole.

It's the e-biker's code.

I want an e-bike now!


best writers in my book: Charles Liu, Kyle Mulin, sciencie, TBA

worst ones: Javajew, Mezzarr, TBA

E-bikes rock. From city center Beijing I could be anywhere within third ring in 10-15 minutes.

Just pull the bike out my door and GO>

Try doing that with a useless car.

Also way better for the environment. Cars burn a ton of fuel just to transport their own mass. EVs are energy efficient and emission-free.

I want to trick out this bike, but it's so completely perfect as-is I can't decide what to do in terms of accessories. I got already all I need on it, so they need to be as superfluous as possible.

I saw that now they have these planters that you latch on to parts of the frame. I kinda like that idea. I'll attach all the planters I can fit and grow like an herb garden on the bike. I'm thinking fennel, basil, rosemary, chives...

Man, I was drowning here in this city without an e-bike. The distances are so far and buses so slow.

One week with a killer e-bike and I already own this bitch. Entirely.

I can't ride past a bike guy without him yelling at me to stop. Yelling with desperation.

I'm pretty cool so I stop and let him admire my machine. They can't believe I only paid 2.5k yuan for it either. These dumb locals pay that much for lead-acid shitshop scooters.

Gotta order it on Taobao and build it yourself. Otherwise, you are a for realz pussy who deserves to a non-removable lead-acid battery with a 25km range for the same price.

While I'm on a full-sized built-like-a-brick-shithouse fo realz bike for the same price. One that gets over 100km per charge.

What's the problem, huh? Can't turn an allen wrench? All matters of mechanics confound you? Is it worth to be on an overpriced mini-scooter with teeny wheels that probably won't last three years?

Kiss my ass!

I'm a cowboy. On a steely horse I ride.

I'm wanted. Dead or alive.

In the upcoming Mad Max remake, will there be a gang of Chinese e-bikers who take over the small town?

Or maybe a famous sports star cashing in like Joe Namath. Yao Ming in "Xi Xi & Company."

"Today, the front lines are in the catacombs."---Giuliano Evola

Nah, I'm just gonna be keep riding my e-bike around Beijing.

Cars don't dare front me. Left turn, right turn? Fuck you. You don't have rights over an e-bike.

Southern Chinese cities banned e-bikes, but you know what I think?

We should BAN CARS@!

E-bikes will never stop.

You can't stop an e-bike. You live in guanzhou china and have a car and think you are a big middle-class cunt? Well fuck you. Get your stupid energy-consuming car off the road and make way for the MILLIONS of illegal e-bikes that are still there.

Fuck you.

E-bikes are for THE PEOPLE!

Cars are for the elite.

Look at history. Who dies generally?

I could key an expensive car on my e-bike. I've never done it.

But I fantasize about it.

LOL, you could key my e-bike. I wouldn't even know the dif.


War against elite car drivers.

Car drivers' take up too much space parking.

They put their tire-protectors over their wheels to stop dogs from pissing on them.

Let me tell you what? I'll not just piss on your tire. I'll piss on every part of your car and hope it corrodes it.

You want to piss on my e-bike? Good luck. It's usually safed-away in my house.

If you catch it one time on the street and piss on it, fine. I'll piss in your wife's mouth.

It's called "lemonade," and she'll love it. Beg for more.

You have a "car" and I have an e-bike.

Yet your wife is now my sex-slave.

Explain that?