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Review of Space Cycle

Was there for a trial lesson just recently. The studio offers cycle, barre and yoga classes. I opted for a barre, but in my opinion it was more like aerobics with some movements borrowed from balet or pilates. That is, the rhythm was very fast, not something you would expect from a choreography/pilates class. So it was not quite what I expected, but pretty good overall, I had a good time.

Also really liked the facilities, it was not crowded, convenient and very clean.

What I didn't really like was the price, which is an exorbitant 15000rmb for an annual membership. Or you can get some other package that is more affordable, but still 1850rmb for 10 hours that you can stretch for 90 days - is still a lot.

I was still considering it very much, I liked the trial version and the whole space. Accidentally, I won a 10 class-pass from City Weekend, so the idea was to use that, and then pay for another package myself. Except that several days after winning the prize, City Weekend informed me that they are unable to give me the prize for reasons they are not going to disclose. Basically, I got no explanation whatsoever.

I don't know if it was City Weekend fault, or Space Cycle fault, I really don't care, but after that happened, I really lost any desire to go back to Space Cycle. After all, there is plenty of choice in Beijing when it comes to finding a gym, and I'd like to think that not all of them use false advertising.

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