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Review of Blue Frog

Don't know how can this venue has 4-star ratings. Food is not even mediocre and expensive as hell. If the prices were cut down in half then it would be acceptable but in this case no way. I'm no cheap and will pay for good food but this is a rip-off.

For these prices, I expect vegetables from an organic source or even local farmers not from the super market.

Service is just like everywhere in Beijing I've been. Pretty bad, but I am used to it.

Been two times and never again.

I am also no cheap and i am also 2 star outraged. When confronted the "owner" could not even identify the brand of soil that was used for the vegetables. AND could not even tell me if they came from west of Beijing which is obviously important. I have been here 19 times but will not be back for the 20th.

Right. Nothing gets my apetite going like asking restaurant staff about soil details. Shok

Stingy folks should go on Mondays between 5 and 7pm. Two for burgers (they are good) and two for one drinks.

And for those who need to know the soil and exactly where the vegatables are grown, get a garden.

It's sad to see the comments joking/attacking the orginal review. It's a shame these people are happy with mediocre food in Beijing. Our standards should and must be higher.

Oh, I just love it when these sorry ass Nort Europeans or Anglo-Saxons start talking about the taste of food. It can only be compared to the beauty of their women which are both non-existent.

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