No Butts Allowed: Three Beijing Airline Passengers Jailed for Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit, a health hazard, and, as was the case for three airline passengers who decided to light up immediately upon landing at an airport, an illegal act that will put you in jail.

The three men had just arrived at Urumqi after their 4 hour-long Sichuan Airlines flght from Beijing last Friday when they were spotted by an airport surveillance camera.

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As other passengers filed past them on the airport apron, the men began smoking just meters away from the staircase leading away from the parked airplane they had travelled in.

As much as it is a prohibited place to smoke, much of the contention against the trio has to do with hiding matches in a carry-on luggage with which they used to light up their cigarettes.

A 28 year-old Henan man named Jiang, a 21 year-old Henan man also named Jiang and a 50 year-old Jilin man named Xu were all given five days of administrative detention by airport police. As a punishment that can be given without involving a court or a judge, adminstrative detention has also been given to other wayward passengers for bad behavior like improperly opening emergency doors or fighting during transit. 

"Smoking in a public transportation facility" was given as one of the reasons for getting banned on a travel blacklist as part of the introductory roll-out for China's oncomiing social credit system. 

Although a proposed national smoking ban has not yet happened, several Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai have outlawed indoor smoking as the anti-smoking campaign continues to gather steam in China.

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