Xinjiang Fanzhuang 新疆饭庄


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Attached to the autonomous region government’s hotel, the boisterous Xinjiang Fanzhuang is where Uighurs go for a special celebration. The television plays Uighur music and songs, adding to the cheerful atmosphere. You should bring a large crowd to fully experience a wide variety of Uighur specialties – portions are generous – and be sure to try the phenomenal lamb kebabs. This is one of three restaurants in the hotel complex; the government-owned Xinjiang Fanzhuang is the most authentic and the largest, right next to the lobby. The two smaller restaurants (Xinjiang Islam Restaurant and Hanteng Geli) to the rear are privately owned.


1 Chegongzhuang Beili
Xicheng District
30-50 per person
Daily 11am-9.30pm
6836 2795
No Smoking Sections
Chinese bank cards


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User reviews of Xinjiang Fanzhuang 新疆饭庄

Excellent but didn't seem any more authentic than usual

Joined: Dec 30, 2012
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I took a friend visiting to Xinjiang Fan Zhuang today for lunch as he had never tried Xinjiang food before. It was my first time trying this restaurant but I eat this kind of food quite regularly.

I would say the description given in the Beijinger listing is no longer accurate, unless things change between lunch and dinner. There was no Xinjiang style music or TV playing in the background. Also, like many "Xinjiang" restaurants in Beijing, all of the waiting staff and chefs (that I could see) where Chinese. No one looked Uyghur or anything other than Han Chinese. Equally, none of the customers looked like they were from Xinjiang. With the execption of one foreign women, we were the only two foreigners there.

As soon as you enter the restaurant you can see a 'bread shop' to the left filled with lots of really fresh, fantastic looking breads of all shapes and sizes. We got taken to a table almost immediately. The menu had the usual items and a few i'd not seen before. We ordered the Da Pan Ji. There were 3 different types with 3 different prices, the waiter told me the meat used in each was different but I couldn't get a clear idea of what the difference was. In the end, we went for the 50rmb one which ended up being a good choice as it looked like Dapanji generally does. There dapanji was excellent. The sauce was flavorful, moist chicken, a good amount of noodles, potato and peppers. We also ordered the yogurt which, again, was excellent. I couldn't see the usual sesame bread on the menu (it is there somewhere!) so we tried a different kind. It was also very good, very fresh. We tried the smaller lamb kebabs at 5rmb each and they were also fine. I think the meat was good quality but the seasoning was much the same as always. Finally we got an order of green beans/eggplant. This was fairly standard. To drink we had a couple of Dark Xinjiang beers. This was the first time I'd tried it and, as a beer alone, it was just okay but it went very well with what we were eating.

The waiters at this restaurant were all very nice and very attentive. Everything was done very quickly and efficiently. The food came quickly and without a big gap between dishes.

I would definitely go here again and I'd also like to try the other restaurant in the same location.

I used Baidu Maps to find the restaurant. We took the subway to Chegongzhuang station then just walked from there. It took about 10 minutes including a few minutes getting lost. The restaurant is down a tiny street and at the back of a small courtyard. The courtyard has a few shops selling dates and other imported things. It didn't look like anything too specialist though.

Great value of money, authentic Xinjiang cuisine

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Though it's Xinjiang cuisine, my favorite goes to the yogurt, which is not expensive but full of flavor. also the chuanr, try to think of one of your neighborhood chuanr place, what i can tell you is that the chuanr offered here in Xinjiang Fanzhuang is about 5-7 times bigger than the usual stuff, but it doesn't cost as much. This restaurant serves the regular Xinjiang stuff as well, Latiaozi, Nangbaorou etc. you can find whatever listed on the menu of your neighborhood chuanr place, plus a lot more delicacies.

Xinjiang food is not anywhere close to Pakistan or real muslim food

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My chinese friend always told me about this xinjiang place and took me here thinking I will like it.
We tried the kababs,nans and some other dishes.

None came any where close to real Pakistani or village muslim food as in Pakistan.

The food is perhaps prepared very different way.
They do make an effort but it is nowhere near to the food a muslim pakistani would like

Real Pakistanis will not like.

solid offer but hidden lands

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This place is in the Urumuqi representative office, not to be confused with the Xinjiang Office (Xinjiang Hotel). 3 out of 6 taxi drivers got the address/location wrong when my friends and I went there yesterday.
A quick call to the restaurant sorted it out but be warned!!!

It's a tad hidden in the back of an alley with neon lights flashing around and boxes of melons and other xinjiang fruits stacked up front.

Inside, the place is fairly non-descript with simple tables/chairs and minimal decoration.

Went in with 15 people at 8:45 for dinner and had to rush to order as they close the kitchen around 9:30 so get there early.

Staff was fairly friendly but a tad bit pushy in terms of getting dishes and putting an order in. I suspect it had to do with the late hour.

We ordered quite a mix of dishes from salads to grilled mutton, dapanji, na'an and other usual suspect in this type of restaurant. We did skip on the chuan'r this round as we had more than enough meat ordered.

The dapanji was spicy but delish. lacked potatoes but made up for it with generous portions of chicken.
The yoghurt was one of the best ones I've had at xinjiang restaurants.. . fresh, served in a a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon and had bits and chunks of fruit inside. Great!
It goes without saying that the meat was done proper. Our ChaoMian Pian'r expert gave 2 thumbs up to their offering and wished they were not hidden in the middle of nowhere to enable weekly visits.

I have to go back at an earlier hour to appreciate it better but they've already done enough to bring me back.

The total bill for 13 was 741 rmb including a rough bottle of wine and more than enough food. Good find!