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The CK Martial Hearts Kung Fu Boutique sells genuine Feiyue martial arts shoes, kung fu pants, T-shirts, bags. You can also drop by to find out about kung fu programs that CK Martial Hearts run in Beijing, at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, and at other iconic locations around China.


Chaoyang Park
258 Market, 3/F, Unit C078, 10 Zaoying Nali, Maizidian, East Third Ring Road
Chaoyang District
东三环麦子店258电器大世界枣营南里10号, 三层,C078
Sun Closed; Mon 1-6pm; Tue 1-7pm; Wed Closed; Thu-Sat 1-6pm
186 1155 8781


User reviews of CK Martial Hearts Kung Fu Boutique

Great shop, great products, great service

Joined: Dec 15, 2010
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Bought 3 pairs of Fei Yue from these guys a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with my purchases, plus the prices are fantastic (beats a 700kuai pair of nikes any day).

They also sell kung fu related clothing and bags as well as some other things, also from what I've seen the Shaolin trips they organize are the real deal and looking pretty damn awesome!

Definately worth popping by and checking the place out, if not just to sit down and talk kung-fu for a bit Blum 3

Cute little shop with lots of Feiyue shoes!

Joined: Mar 18, 2012
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This is a tiny little shop tucked inside the heaving mess of the 258 Electronics Mall, but if you want to find Feiyue shoes in Beijing, this is THE place to go. (And you really should go if you want to buy Feiyue--they sizing is so wonky that you'll be glad you tried them on before buying.)

They have several styles and colors of the shoes, in the full range of sizes (from teeny kids' Feiyue to sizes to accommodate bigger laowai feet), and all are very reasonably priced (the most expensive I saw were 80 kuai, and I think the cheapest were 40).

The shop bills itself as a "Kung Fu Boutique", so they carry kung fu t-shirts and trousers, as well as bags, beads and magnets. The owners also run kung fu study tours in Shaolin Temple, and they can tell you about it them there. (The owners are an English couple, so fret not if your Chinese is not up to scratch.)

Cool little place!