More than a pleasant stay

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Review of Isvara

Living in one of the apartments for one day and enjoying the maginificent breakfastin the gallery I can truly say, that it is worth it! Lovely courtyard in a lovely, peaceful area. Not the cheapest but you definitely get what you pay for! Highly recommendable *i-m_so_happy*

Expensive and unfriendly

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Review of Ozone Fitness

Nicely decorated with a decent number of machines, but unfriendly staff. Rather on the expensive side but as many expensive things in Beijing, that does not mean it is any good...

Food fine but service in serious need of backup

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I went to Kuan's last Friday for a friend's birthday. The venue itself is comfortable and well laid out with a variety of seating options for groups at tables or couples for bars. We were all satisfied with the food, which was maybe not as good as you'd hope for the price but of the five-six dishes we tried, were all well put together and came out in good time - pretty amazing considering that they only apparently have one chef.

Unfortunately, Kuan's has also opted for a singular service front of house. The first issue came about when the waitress went to the bathroom, leaving the dining area completely service-free and had one couple who came in to be seated puzzled for about five minutes. Then while we were ordering it was quite obvious that she thought we were taking too long and let out a considerable sigh, a shame because until that point she had been pretty good at suggesting what we should order, but obviously had a number of other things she had to be catering to.

I don't blame her for being frustrated, I would have been too, but if you're going to run a pricier Western joint then at least invest in more service staff, especially on weekends - it's the kind of thing that makes you hesitate recommending it to other friends, even if everything else is on-point.

No longer friendly to vegetarians

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This place must be under new management, surely?

As vegetarians, Lily's has been a fantastic place for us to go for dinner, with a good choice of delicious and well-priced dishes we could enjoy. However, we turned up at their Sanlitun location two nights ago to find many items had been struck from their menu. Items including bean tacos, hummus and feta sandwich (or 'hero' as they call it) and their veggie burger are all gone. Now there is one pasta dish, hummus and guacamole for vegetarians. That's it.

This doubly makes no sense at all as none of these items apart from the veggie burger patty would need to be stocked specially - they can all be assembled from ingredients they need on hand for other dishes.

The place also used to be spotless, but the toilets were filthy - yet staff were just standing around.

We were so disappointed and would have left immediately if we hadn't been with other people.

Lily's, you've just lost two long-time supporters.

Great shop, great products, great service

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Bought 3 pairs of Fei Yue from these guys a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with my purchases, plus the prices are fantastic (beats a 700kuai pair of nikes any day).

They also sell kung fu related clothing and bags as well as some other things, also from what I've seen the Shaolin trips they organize are the real deal and looking pretty damn awesome!

Definately worth popping by and checking the place out, if not just to sit down and talk kung-fu for a bit Blum 3

Free museum

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If your child is interested in dinosaurs, this is THE place to go!

There are dinosaurs that move and make sounds; there are other displays of animals.

For a FREE museum, which has 4 floors, it's awesome!

You'll spend at least 2 hours there, and can spend up to 5!

#12 is going downhill, fast.

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Let me start off by saying I have been a huge fan of GLB since moving to the city in 2014. I love their beer, with the Little General and Explorer General IPAs being among my favorites on tap in Beijing. I remember going to the #12 location when I first moved here and being impressed by the service and the burgers on offer. It was always crowded, but had a good vibe with a nice clientele.

My, how the mighty have fallen. The standards at #12 have seriously gone into the crapper. The burgers and fries are now nothing short of a joke. The fries are below McDonalds-level quality, and even the sweet potato fries (how on earth one can make those taste bland is beyond me) are just “meh” and often undercooked. The burgers are also quite sad, boasting tiny, grey, fast-food quality meat patties, no inventive ingredients or options on offer, and dripping with grease. The double cheeseburger is the size of a single patty burger at competing restaurants.

Poor food options could be easily excused due to the excellent beer on offer, if it weren't for the other, much larger problem of the clientele at #12. The location has apparently tapped into the dirt-bag, English-training center expat demographic in Beijing. If you, like me, are not a part of this demographic, but work in an office from Monday-Friday and like to go out to have a beer after work on a weekday evening, then you are in for a not-so pleasant surprise in 2017 at GLB #12. Your quiet Monday evening is the start of the weekend to some group of idiotic unlicensed English teachers working illegally on tourist visas, with no real reason to be here and nothing to lose. Loud, obnoxious, screaming, breaking glasses, you name it. The immature behaviors that collectively showcase the worst of the expat community in Beijing are all on display at GLB #12.

Thankfully, and the only reason I have given GLB two stars overall, the #45 location has much better food on offer and, being close to the embassy district, attracts a much more subdued and pleasant clientele. I quite like some of the pizza there, which has improved greatly since that location launched in the summer of 2015. The service is also much better at that location, likely the result of a smaller, more manageable space. Even though I live 15-20 minutes walking distance from #12, I find myself hopping over to #45 more and more often due to the overall more pleasant and relaxing experience.

I will always find myself coming back to GLB simply because of the beer. But I also find myself branching out to other gastropub options in Beijing now. Places like Jing A and Slowboat may not be able to match the quality of their brews (just yet, although Jing A does boast some excellent seasonals and collabs) but both have crafted a better experience overall with their respective Sanlitun locations. I hope the owners of GLB can get things under control at #12. Even in a saturated market like Beijing, it would be great to have it as a viable option for dinner and drinks again.

Terrible service

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Review of Grill 79

The service is really terrible. The waitress will push the customer to finish the meal quickly although the resteraunt is not busy. They will take away the unfinished dish without asking. The behaviour is very rude and not acceptable. Really disappointed.

Be aware! One of the worst gyms and swimming pools I've seen. Doesn't worth the money you spend.

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I decided to get a membership at CSI-Bally Total Fitness in Haidian due to it's location and it was a HUGE mistake!

All the facilities are old, machines are falling apart (it's not safe to use them), everywhere smells smoke - even in the pool! It's also dirty, every time I go there I collect a chunk of black Chinese hair from my slippers. OK, that might be normal for a Chinese fitness center. But I paid 300USD for 6 months membership and barely can use it. Today I couldn't even use the swimming pool because the water usually was 26~28C but today it dropped to 24C and it was too uncomfortable. I'm not a professional swimmer who can bare even 22C. And the pool is far from being suitable for pros. Needless to say that I saw the sauna being on only once, quite often there're not enought showers to use because more than half of them don't work.

Stop don't go there - it's not worth it!