Wang Pangzi 王胖子


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Popular culture does it no justice, often depicting it as dumb and lazy. But the humble donkey can become the meat of the gods. Well, at least in China. As the saying goes: “In heaven there is dragon meat; on earth there is donkey meat.” One of the most popular donkey meat dishes at this long-running Gulou hole-in-the-wall is the traditional lürou huoshao (驴肉火烧, donkey meat sandwich) originally from Hejian, Hebei province. This place is perpetually crowded at lunch.


Gulou / Beiluoguxiang / Jiugulou Dajie
86 Gulou Xidajie
Xicheng District
30-50 per person
8672 7507
Cash only
Dongsi and Dengshikou
92 Dongsi Dajie
Dongcheng District
30-50 per person
131 2156 5643
Cash only
71 Shoupakou Nanjie
Xuanwu District
30-50 per person
8301 3885
Cash only
Niu Jie
113 Huguosi Jie
Xicheng District
30-50 per person
137 1793 4855
Cash only


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User reviews of Wang Pangzi 王胖子

Fatty Wang's - where else for donkey díck?

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Review of Wang Pangzi

Any place called Fatty Wang's that sells thinly sliced donkey penis sandwiches earns three stars for cool points. But the additional two stars are for the quality, the price, and the incredibly friendly service. My friend ordered the donkey penis sandwich, which was probably how you'd expect donkey dick to taste - it's chewy and has a strange flavor, but it only costs 15 kuai. So, order one and see whether you like putting donkey díck in your mouth. Or at least prove you're hardcore enough to try.

I ordered the lean donkey sandwich. Two of them, actually, becaues they're really that good. Thinly sliced, donkey meat chopped and mixed with green peppers, almost like a Philly cheesesteak minus the cheese. Well, and minus the steak, but you get the idea.

The fried bread is hot and fresh, the sandwich is of good quality, and the staff and customers were really surprised to see laowai there (they looked completely shocked to see themselves in the Beijinger - we visited the day after the issue featuring them came out). Still, everyone was friendly, the food was great, and more than the two of us could eat plus three drinks (it took extra wong lo kat to wash away the penis breath) was all of about 30 kuai.

Quick, go now before they figure out how much they can raise their prices! Smile

Eating Ass in Beijing

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Review of Wang Pangzi

Some of my friends and I were looking thru the Beijinger for something different to have for lunch yesterday and came across the Wangpangzi article. After a short Google Map search, we were boarding the subway on our quest for Donkey Burgers. We went to the location near the Zhangzizhong station on line 5. Just head north from the station till you get to Dongsi 13 Tiao, it will be just on your right. We sat down and ordered a half dozen burgers to the amazement of the waitress and costumers, got a warm beer and proceeded to chow down. The donkey was tender and good, there was some pepper sauce on the table that really livened up the burgers. The burgers are small, but at 6rmb per burger, order a couple for a fast lunch. My wife said she will never kiss me again, but I think I will have to head back for a couple more.

Here is a link to another review on the donkey Burgers: