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Review of Jianghu Bar

I should definitely try and spend more time here but i tend to end up at Mao Live and 2 Kolegas a lot more often. Jianghu is quite cozy and works well for smaller intimate performance as well as small acoustic shows. They might not have the best sound system in the world but it's more than acceptable.
The bar staff is good about remembering drinks and trying hard to smile/please customers as opposed to other venues in town who are plain rude. I was back there last week after a few months absence and they still remembered my drink... not bad!
The prices are also reasonable with cocktails around rmb30, draft beer starting at 20 and decent Chilean wine.

the only con is that the performance room can fit 20 tops so when it gets a bit too crowded and the crowd is not interested, it gets difficult to hear the performance over the chatter.