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Super Smash Bros Thursdays!

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Join us on Thursdays at 8-BIT for Super Smash Bros competition night! Each Thursday there will be a Smash comp for the different versions of the game.

First Thursday of the month: N64 Smash competition.

Second Thursday of the month: Wii U Sm4sh competition.

Third Thursday of the month: Smash Bros Melee competition.

The schedule for the nights are as follows -

6:30PM-8PM: Friendlies all around

8PM: Doubles Tournament

9:30PM: Singles Main Tournament

With over 100 members now the Beijing smash community is going from strength to strength and always looking to grow stronger! Join us for a great night of smash with great people, alcohol and the chance to take home some great prizes!

Game on!

Address: 13 Bei Luo Gu Xiang
Address in Chinese: 北锣鼓巷13号
Nearest Metro Station:Line 2: Andingmen


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