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I saw it first pop up on my Instagram feed: a brick-like chocolate cake snapped by the magazine Food and Wine. "This is the super-fudgy, deliciously boozy Grand Marnier-soaked cake that @theritzcarlton just unveiled," the caption read. My first thoughts: "Is this true? Can I get this in Beijing?" I soon found out – yes, on both accounts.

The Beijing Subway is not usually considered one of the world's most attractive transportation systems. Moscow's is elaborate, Paris's a gallery of styles, Beijing's is, uhhh. But now, thanks to a Paris-based architect and cartographer, at least there's a beautiful representation of it.

It's that time again, the time for you to reward your favorite Beijing bartenders, bars, clubs, and DJs for keeping you satiated in the late hours of the day. The Beijinger's 11th annual Reader Bar & Club Awards voting kicks off at 9am tomorrow, so start thinking where you like drinking. Heck, go out tonight and try out a few new bars if you have to. 

We currently have Will and Jada Smith’s little fire cracker Willow, there’s Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, and maybe the less notable Robin and Allan Thicke. In the grand tradition of familiar musical inheritance, the merits of these celebrity broods can sometimes be an iffy thing if you catch my drift. Take it or leave it these famous progeny definitely have an express route to stardom through the initial exploits of their parents.

If you’re a newbie to Beijing in the spring then you might be mistaken for thinking that the oft-muttered ‘airpocalypse’ has actually stepped it up a notch, starting to rain down unruly insta-cancer-clumps of PM2.5. Well, not quite, but we could all do with a biology brush-up – it’s time to learn about the cottonwood poplar tree.

This weekend, Swiss-born artist Pascal Yerly presents his latest installation, "Still Movie, Still Moving," at Aux Delices in Shunyi, combining video, photography, and painting.

Everyone knows that Chocolate is where the wildest nights in Beijing go down. If you don’t have stories of your own, then you’ve certainly heard tales. The same crew recently opened Dacha, which captured our pick for Most Unique Concept in this year’s Reader Restaurant Awards. Who’s the brilliant mind behind these ventures? Meet Svetlana Lustina.

The menu is simple: cake and coffee. Not much more is needed in the first storefront from former delivery only operation Pantry’s Best. The minimalism of the offerings suits the space with its Muji aesthetics – perfect for a cup of coffee and long hours with a laptop.